Assassin’s Creed 3 Homestead Guide

One of the big major yet optional additions in Assassin’s Creed 3 is the brilliant Homesteading system, which replaces the Monteriggioni from Ezio’s trilogy. We dive deep into the Assassin’s Creed 3 Homestead gameplay mechanic in the guide below.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Homestead

ACIII says good-bye to the property buying feature that was found in Brotherhood and Revelations, and instead opts to give gamers a more personal taste with the introduction of homesteading.

The Homestead that Connor will settle in early on in the game isn’t just a peaceful resting place that blossoms with the tossing of money, but is instead a living energetic environment that can be transformed into a profit-giving household.

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Improving Homestead
As stated before, the Homestead no longer grows with just money. Instead, it offers a completely different set of optional missions that would aid you in developing the place you call home. Each of these missions improves your lands in one way or the other.

Some will bring completely new artisans to settle there, while others will vastly improve the skills of your already settled artisans.

Generally, Homestead missions are relatively easy to complete, and don’t feature optional objectives. The missions are unlocked as your progress further in the main story. It is generally desirable to carry out these missions regularly to improve your home and consequently your overall advancement.

Homesteading and Crafting
Crafting isn’t a new addition in the AC series, as it has been spotted in the form of bomb-crafting in Brotherhood and Revelations. However, Assassin’s Creed 3 takes the art to an entirely new level. Crafting now gives a large variety of different items and materials, which can greatly change how you progress through the storyline.

The art of crafting and homesteading are closely tied together. Carrying out Homestead missions will allow you to obtain more skilled artisans or enhance the skills of settled artisans.

This will unlock new recipes. Crafting tradable supplies will allow you to trade through caravans, which in turn will provide you with more materials for crafting.

This entire cycle can grow to give you some of the most powerful items in the game, ranging from weapons to consumables to war supplies.

Additionally, convoys can generate a lot of money to you if you spend time to craft high-quality items and sell them in distant ports.

Accessing the Homestead
Thankfully, you don’t have to run back to your home every time you wish to access your accounting book (found by default in the study room of your homestead) or to send out your convoys.

The homestead interface can be accessed from just about any general store in the game, which greatly reduces monotonous traveling.

Homestead Side Missions

There are 7 sequence missions after the 4 main missions of the Homestead and they are as follow:

Sequence 5

This mission will allow you to attain Lumberers, Wood workers and Farmers. You can also upgrade your Lumberers.

Sequence 6

The quest of “Encyclopedia of the Common Man” can be initiated here by talking to the Achilles Davenport.

You should try to get the Lumberer to level 3, Farmer level 2 and level up the Huntress and Miner too.

However, don’t complete it and start the sequence 7 too alongside, the reason is stated later.

Sequence 7

You need to progress with your Artisans in this one and hence you will need to have Encyclopedia of the Common Man mission uncompleted yet.

Sequence 8

Sequence 8 is pretty quiet in terms of Artisans. Besides, you need to level up your Miner and obtain the Blacksmith in the Frontier while the summers are on.

Sequence 9

There are plenty of Artisans to level up here. The tailor is in the New York, and there are also the priest, the doctor, the Blacksmith, Huntress and the Woodworker.

Sequence 10

Here you can level up the Doctor, Blacksmith and the woodworker in Boston.

Sequence 11

In this sequence, the Doctor can be upgraded to level 3.

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