How To Farm Money (COAM) In Armored Core 6

Short on COAM? Need a quick fix to fill those empty pockets? Here are some of the best ways to farm money in Armored Core 6.

When it comes to Armored Core 6, we need boatloads of money (COAM) for the shiny new gear and some of the best weapons for our mech that is why we need to farm. The better the gear, the more efficiently you can execute missions and earn your name as the best mercenary out there.

There are going to be tons of ways to earn money. Some of them are quick and effortless but will pay like crap. Others will take you millennia to complete but will reward you handsomely.

That is why you have to strike the time-to-reward ratio just right to make it worth your while. In this guide, we are going to be looking at how you can farm money easily in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon.

Best ways to farm money in Armored Core 6

There are a couple of ways to farm money in Armored Core 6. Not all of them are viable and work properly. That is why we have pointed out the best methods you can use to fill your pockets in a jiffy.

Completing Missions

Completing missions is one of the easiest ways to farm some money. The best part is that you can do them as many times as you want making them the best cash cows in the game.

Something to know about missions is that you won’t always get the mentioned amount of COAM (money is AC6) because of the cost of ammunition and repairs that you have to incur at the end of the mission.


Let’s say a mission was supposed to reward you with 100,00 COAM, and you did it in the quickest time possible, taking minimum damage, and without wasting ammunition. In that case, you can get upwards of 90,000 COAM. The better you are at the game, the more reward you will get.

Not all of the missions are good at making your money. Some require a lot of effort but don’t reward as much while others are effortless and earn you decently. We are going to be targeting the latter.

We have cherry-picked some of the best missions that you can repeatedly do in order to farm money in Armored Core 6.

Destroy The Tester AC

Reward: 95,000 COAM
Approximate Time Taken: 30 seconds to 1 minute
Objective: Locate and destroy a nearby AC

This is probably one of the simplest and easiest missions to do in AC6. All you have to do is destroy a rookie AC who is overplaying his hand and is going to get punished for it. The mission starts and you will immediately come across him. All you need to do is land some decent shots and the rookie is done for.

Attack the Dam Complex

Reward: 190,000 COAM
Approximate Time Taken: 3 to 4 minutes
Objective: Destroy Gallia Dam Generators and defeat enemies

For this one, you are going to need a lightweight build that is able to move around as quickly as possible to keep the deductions lowest. What you have to do is team up with two other mechs and destroy four generators located around the area on different levels.

You can use your boosters to fly to each one quickly. While you are at it, you might as well take down the light MTs. Having two more people with you helps a lot and you can do pretty much it in the shortest time. Once you start to farm it, you will get quicker every single time.

Arena Matches

The next method has a lesser payout but still can be used from time to time. It is Arena battles. If you don’t already know, these are 1v1 battles against other enemies.

It is basically the playground for testing your builds. The first-time payout is greater and after that every single time you participate in that particular arena, you will get paid half the money.

The Arena battles are not supposed to be long and tricky so it is rather simple to complete some of them in under a minute. All of them are not going to be available from the start. They will be unlocked as you progress through the main campaign.

This is where you have to pick your battles wisely. Give the arena battles a try and depending upon the kind of build you are using, everyone’s mileage may vary. It will take everyone different lengths of time to complete a particular arena battle. Generally, most of them won’t take you more than a minute.

Selling Parts

You can also earn money by selling parts you don’t use. Though this method does work, you cannot really farm it over and over again.

You can use it in desperate times when you are short of cash and you need a quick fix. This is when you can sell the equipment you are not currently using and fulfill your needs.

Selling old parts will only give you fewer options for future builds and is not recommended in the long run.

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