9 Best Armored Core 6 Weapons

Looking to deal damage to the most dangerous enemies? Here are some of the best weapons in Armored Core 6 that can help you.

Armored Core 6 throws you into the heart of intense mech combat. Choosing the right weapon for the job is critical for overcoming the game’s challenges. This vast array of weaponry offers a variety of playstyles, from rapid-fire devastation to strategic energy blade strikes.

This guide highlights nine of the most effective weapons in Armored Core 6. We’ll discuss their strengths and weaknesses, along with details on acquisition and how they best fit into your combat strategy.

9. Walter 011 (IB – C03W1: WLT 011)

Armored Core 6 Weapons walter 011
ClassificationCoral Rifle
Attack TypeCoral
Weapon TypeCharge
Reload TypeOverheat
Price335,000 COAM

This weapon is a Coral Rifle, similar to a Plasma Rifle. It has a nice range and doesn’t suffer from damage fall-off, making it effective against distant enemies. However, its slow projectiles make it less effective against mobile enemies. It’s a good choice for tank-type PS builds that focus on rushing into combat. Not to mention, Walter has much more ammo of 180 rounds to last you an entire mission.

The WLT 001 has a three-tier charge type shot, a fast charge shot, and a level 3 charge, which, by default, will be used for manual aim, but it allows you to wave around a massive beam of energy. The beam attack has low sensitivity, which makes it good against large immobile types of bosses, and when you use it against them, it just performs extremely well.

8. Javelin Alfred (44 – 141 JVLN ALPHA)

ClassificationDetonating Bazooka
Attack TypeExplosive
Weapon TypeSemi-auto
Reload TypeSingle Shot
Price210,000 COAM

The Javelin Alfred is a grenade cannon that can be equipped on the hand, making it incredibly versatile. Compared to a regular bazooka, Javelin has a high-impact stat and a cool cluster bomb Aftershock effect that deals additional damage. Its high direct hit adjustment and 5-second reload time make it a great choice for dealing with more massive damage than most grenade cannons. To acquire this grenade cannon, you need to reach rank 2.

You can use laser canons if you want to while using the detonating bazooka as your primary damage weapon. The only downside to this weapon is that it is very heavy, so if you wanted to use it with small types of builds, unfortunately, you probably have to settle with a smaller type of bazooka or grenade launcher. Still, if you can equip it, we recommend that you do.

7. Karasawa Multi Energy Rifle (44 – 142 KRSV)

Armored Core 6 Weapons karasawa multi energy rifle
ClassificationMulti Energy Rifle
Attack TypeEnergy
Weapon TypeCharge
Reload TypeOverheat
Price377,000 COAM

The KSV is a multi-energy rifle that’s similar to a plasma rifle. It has a fast fire rate and a two-part charge animation that deals massive damage. Its high fire rate and low ammo count make it a good choice for builds that focus on spamming attacks.

After reaching rank 12, you can purchase these weapons for your right arm for 377,000 COAM in Armored Core 6. Whenever you use the gun, it’s better to charge it before firing, as you don’t get much ammo. You will only get 80 rounds; depending on how fast you can fire this thing, it won’t last for an entire mission. So, the way to use it is to keep fully charging it to get massive damage. You should note that this weapon weights 10,000 units, so plan your build accordingly.

6. Moonlight Blade (IA – C01W2: Moonlight)

ClassificationLight Wave Blade
Attack TypeEnergy
Weapon TypeMelee
Reload TypeOverheat

The Moonlight Blade is a melee-based weapon with a high-impact stat and massive damage. Its solid projectile attack can hit multiple enemies, and its charge attack deals massive damage. This makes it a good choice for builds that focus on melee combat.

You will get this weapon from a chest after defeating V.VI Maeterlinck and G3 Wu Huahai in chapter 4. Moonlight Blade has two attack modes, one with a standard two-hit combo and a charged attack that unleashes a light beam that eliminates multiple enemies together.

5. Plasma Missile Launcher (VVC – 706PM)

Armored Core 6 Weapons plasma missile launcher
ClassificationPlasma Missile Launcher
Attack TypeEnergy
Weapon TypeHoming
Reload TypeSingle Shot
Price147,000 COAM

This six-cell plasma launcher is perfect for those who want to lock in multiple targets at once. This weapon launches powerful and accurate missiles. One benefit of using this launcher is that it compliments any build. After completing the Ice Worm mission, you will get this weapon and use it as a support tool for your stagger meter.

4. Bad Cook Flamethrower (WB – 0000 BAD COOK)

Attack TypeExplosive
Weapon TypeFull-Auto
Reload TypeOverheat
Price49,000 COAM

The Bad Cook Flamethrower is an incredibly fun weapon with a high-impact stat and a massive AOE that can hit multiple enemies. Its high ammo count and fast fire rate make it a great choice for builds that focus on spamming attacks. The only defect of this weapon is its slow projectile speed, which is mitigated by the fast fire rate.

One thing about Bad Cook is that its ACS Failure interferes with the opponent’s ACS, reducing its stability if the tolerance increases. This allows you to stagger enemies a lot easier, but you only need to focus on cooling down this weapon as it overheats. As for acquiring this weapon, you will get the right arm during the “Eliminate Honest Brute” mission of chapter 3 and get the left arm for 49,000 COAM.

3. Song Birds

Armored Core 6 Weapons song birds
ClassificationGrenade Cannon
Attack TypeExplosive
Weapon TypeBurst
Reload TypeSingle Shot
Price182,000 COAM

The Song Birds are probably the most used weapons in Armored Core 6, with a high impact stat, good damage, and a fast fire rate. They’re incredibly easy to use and have a high blast radius that can hit multiple enemies. The best part about Song Birds is its lightweight and 6 seconds of reload time and its effect against MTs, ACs, or bosses.

One thing to note about this grenade cannon is that its explosive radius is higher than the staggering potential, giving the enemy a large amount of damage. As for purchasing this weapon, you need to complete the “Attack the Watchpoint” mission, and Song Birds becomes available for you to purchase.

2. Huben Gatling Gun (DF – GA – 08 HU-BEN)

ClassificationGatling Gun
Attack TypeKnetic
Weapon TypeFull-Auto
Reload TypeOverheat
Price170,000 COAM

The Hbben Gatling Gun is a rapid-fire weapon that’s incredibly easy to use. Its high fire rate, high recoil stat, and high direct hit adjustment make it a great choice for builds that focus on stagger damage.

This is the upgraded version of a machine gun because you don’t have to worry about reloading as there is no magazine, but you do have to consider the overheating effect. So make sure you have given the damage to your enemy before the overheating factor even comes into play. But considering the fast attack speed, you’re rarely going to miss. You will get this weapon after completing the first mission of the final chapter.

1. VE – 60SNA Stun Needle Launcher

Armored Core 6 Weapons ve-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher
    ClassificationStun Needle Launcher
    Attack TypeKinetic
    Weapon TypeBurst
    Reload TypeSingle Shot
    Price283,000 COAM

    The V60 SNA Stun Needle Launcher is one of the many back weapons that does everything well in Armored Core 6. It has good range, high damage, high impact, and a blast radius that can hit multiple enemies. Its high direct hit adjustment and 5-second reload time make it a great choice for builds that focus on dealing massive damage. When you get the stagger, use the needle launchers to melt everything around you.

    The launcher has two-part attacks, the initial hit and the explosion AOE to give damage, and it uses a shock status effect, which uses electric shock to give more damage to the enemy. You can use this weapon with any build, and it’s not even heavy.

    You will get the right back weapon as a reward after completing “Destroy the Ice Worm” and all missions before that, and as for the left back weapon, you can get it for 283,000 COAM after completing the abovementioned missions.

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