How To Use Armored Core 6 Cheats

If you are finding Armored Core 6 a bit too difficult, or maybe you just want to have some casual fun, here's how to enable cheats.

If you are looking for Armored Core 6 cheats, you are either trying to unlock S Ranks for missions or just facing difficulty against a particular boss. The new AC installment can indeed be a bit overwhelming for new players, so trying to find a way to make the game easier is normal.

Cheats are a fun way to lower the difficulty of a game so you can enjoy enhanced and smooth gameplay. If you’re stuck on Armored Core 6 and searching for cheats to make the game a bit easier, you’ve landed at the right spot.

This guide will walk you through the entire process of how to use Armored Core 6 cheats. So, let’s get started.

How to enable cheats in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 cheats can help simplify your gaming experience, allowing you to enjoy what the game offers without difficulty being a major hurdle. You can cheat in the game in multiple ways, but those tweaks only work on PC, so console users will have to part ways.

One thing to remember is that using cheats can possibly get you banned. Therefore, we do not recommend cheating in the first place. That being said, let’s get started.

1. Disable Easy Anti-Cheat

Before doing anything, you have to disable Easy Anti-Cheat for Armored Core 6. You must turn it off and switch to offline mode if you want to avoid getting banned.


To disable Easy Anti-Cheat and run the game in offline mode, follow the steps below:

  • Find your way to the installation folder of the game.
  • You’ll find two workable files at this location: armoredcore6.exe and start_protected_game.exe
  • The latter protected version of the game is launched by default, and we have to tweak it to run it offline.
  • Select start_protected_game.exe and rename it to start_protected_game.bak.exe
  • Next, you’ll have to create a copy of armoredcore6.exe
  • Once done, Rename this copy to start_protected_game.exe.

2. Set up Cheat Engine

Once you have disabled Easy Anti-Cheat, you have to download and install a Cheat Engine called Fearless Cheat Engine for Armored Core 6 on your PC.

Run the cheat application (with EAC disabled) and you can change multiple parameters such as the following:

  • One Hit Kill
  • Infinite AP
  • Infinite Energy
  • Infinite Repair Kits
  • Infinite Reserve Ammo
  • Infinite Clip Ammo

Are there any Armored Core 6 mods available?

Currently, there are no mods available for Armored Core 6. This means you won’t have access to cheats directly through downloading an application.

However, modders are probably working on it already, so we can expect to get our hands on it sooner or later.

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