Ark The Center Survival Tips Guide

In this detailed guide we will go over some of the best and most useful Survival tips you can utilize while playing Ark the Center.

Ark The Center is a DLC expansion map for Ark Survival: Evolved. This is one of the most scenic maps in the game. Ark The Center is known for its unique climatic and geographical regions.  The following guide highlights some of the most useful Survival tips in Ark The Center and the new features of the game.

New Environmental Features in Ark the Center

Ark The Center features many unique topographical features. There is a natural bridge that connects the snow biome and the redwoods biome. Near the redwoods biome, there are tall mountain peaks with ape statues carved on their walls.

Apart from these unique features, there is a vast underground ecosystem with tunnels connecting different parts of the underground world.

There is also a beautiful island floating on the ocean called The Center. Adding to this floating island, there is also a skull-shaped island. All these features are exclusive to Ark The Center only.

New Items

The following is a list of new times introduced in Ark The Center:

  • Giga Bionic Costume: This costume makes the player look like a futuristic mechanical Giga. It can be obtained by killing any Ark The Center boss of any difficulty.
  • Artifact of the Devious: This is one of the essential items for survival. A player can carry only one Artifact of the Devious at a time.

New Creatures

This map does not specifically introduce any new creatures to the game. However, it is one of the best maps to tame the dinosaurs. For unknown reasons, the player will find higher levels of dinos more consistently on this map.  Ark The Center is the perfect place to find and tame Gigas especially as they are contained on one island.


Best Tips for Survival in Ark The Center

The following is a list of best Survival Tips for Ark the Center Map:

Take Advantage of the Elevated areas

There are numerous elevated areas throughout the map giving you a vertical advantage against your foes. Use this to navigate your foes and plan your attack.

Explore New Base Locations

This is one of the best maps for base locations with many hidden rat holes all over the map. 2 Underwater Domes can be used as waterproof bases. The hard snow cave is one of the toughest locations to raid.

Know the Spawn Locations

Lava Island, Snow North, and Snow South are the hardest spawn locations. Whereas Redwoods East has medium difficulty. Therefore, choose your spawn location accordingly.

Utilize Underground Ecosystem

Ark The Center offers a massive underground world, with large tunnels connecting different parts of the ecosystem. The underground ecosystem includes an underground crystal cave as well. This cave is filled with cosmetic crystals and a small detailed cosmetic ruin.

Tame Powerful Dinos

Remember Ark the Center is the only official mod map that doesn’t add new creatures to the map. the game. However, it is one of the best maps to tame the dinosaurs. They keep on spawning on this Island. Tame the Gigas and use their power to survive.

Stick to The South

The player can kill low-level dillos, trikes, turtles, compy, and dodos to get meat and skin. The South Jungle is the safest spawn in Ark The Center.

Search the Caves

The caves in Ark The Center are filled with essential resources. Metals and Crystals in bulk are located in the caves.

Build a Raft ASAP

Level up quickly and make a raft. Once on a raft, the player can build a safe base to keep the raptors out.

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