Ark: Survival Evolved Irrigation Guide – How to Build a Pipeline and Water Crops

Survival Evolved is a huge game and you do not need to be on a killing spree or become a...

Survival Evolved is a huge game and you do not need to be on a killing spree or become a raider in order to survive in the in-game world.

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Ark: Survival Evolved Irrigation

There are techniques such as Farming which help you survive the hostile in-game world without having blood on your hands. This guide discusses the process of irrigation and whether you should consider it or not!

Defense Above All
In case you are using an irrigation pipe directly to your home base, it’s highly recommended to secure your home base as the first priority. Raiders will face no difficulty in tracking your base using your irrigation pipe; especially if you are in a highly populated server.

You can also place a tap directly inside your home base or just outside it to have all your needs fulfilled without running to ocean every now and then.

Stone is the Key
It’s important to note that you need to acquire a lot of stone before you start building an irrigation pipeline. Since this is the most important resource of all, I highly recommend acquiring it as much as you can before starting your construction.

Otherwise, you will face a lot of difficulties while you are in the middle of construction.

Basics of Building a Pipeline
You simply need to connect your irrigation pipeline with intake pipe which should be immersed in ocean. One important thing to note is you need to find the highest point around the ocean to place your irrigation pipe which is the only way to make the intake pipe come up and draw water. F

or more information, check out the video by Tooth&Nail:

Watering your Crops
It’s highly recommended to use a lot of intersections and taps to maximize your farm’s potential. One more important thing to bear in mind is to place your taps before placing your crops – and place them under the taps. The reason for this is quite simple as in this way your crops will have better water:

That’s pretty much we have on Irrigation System in Ark: Survival Evolved! If there is anything you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the Comments Section below.

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