Ark: Survival Evolved Cooking Recipes Guide – How to Cook

In order to cook in Ark: Survival Evolved, you need to use a Campfire or a Cooking Pot. You will also need raw material such as Water, Berries, or Meat along with items such as Savoroot, Longrass, Rockarrot, and Citronal.

Once you’ve acquired all required material, you will also need Food Recipes which are scattered across the in-game world or are dropped by dinosaurs.

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Ark: Survival Evolved Cooking Recipes

Depending upon the recipe, the cooked food provide you with additional buffs such as Stamina, increased Oxygen, and more.

One important thing to bear in mind is that you will also need Wood and Water (from Water Jug or Waterskin) and you must take out Charcoal while you are cooking a recipe. The following list contains all the Food Recipes found in the game:

Rockwell Recipe
Crafting Recipe: 3x Meat + 10x Berries + 4x Medicine + Water

Crafting Recipe: 9x Meat (Cooked) + 5x Savoroot + 5x Longrass + 1x Mejoberries + 1/2x Narcotic + Water

Provides increased Oxygen and improved recovery from injuries

Enduro Stew
Crafting Recipe: 3x Meat + 5x Rockarrot + 5x Savoroot + 1x Mejoberries + 1/2x Stimulant

Provides increased running and damage output

Calien Soup
Crafting Recipe: 5x Citronal + 2x Tintoberries + 2x Amarberries + 1x Mejoberries + 1/2x Stimulant

Provides hyderation and keeps you cool

Shadow Steak Saute
Crafting Recipe: 1x Prime Meat + 2x Mejoberries + 2x Narcotic + 2x Rare Mushrroms + 1x Savoroot + 1x Rockarrot

Provides increased hand-eye coordination and lets you withstand extreme temperatures

Battle Tartare
Crafting Recipe: 1x Prime Meat + 2x Mejoberries + 2x Stimulant + 2x Rare Flowers + 1x Citronal + 1x Longrass

Provides supernatural strength, speed, and resilience

Focal Chili
Crafting Recipe: 9x Meat + 5x Citronal + 20x Amarberries + 20x Azulberries + 20x Tintoberries + 10x Mejoberries

Provides increased Focus

Fria Curry
Crafting Recipe: 5x Longrass + 5x Rockarrot + 20x Azulberries + 10x Mejoberries + 2x Narcotic

Provides warmth and ignores cold

Crafting Recipe: 20x Titoberries + 2x Narcotic

Provides natural healing state to your body

Energy Brew
Crafting Recipe: 20x Azulberries + 2x Stimulant

Provides additional Stamina

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