Ark Survival Evolved Savoroot Locations

Savoroot is a crop harvested from the Savoroot plant in Ark Survival Evolved. It is among the 4 crops of the game. Being a pure item, Savoroot expires very quickly.  Savoroot adds impactful nutritional value to food making it an essential cooking ingredient.

The following guide highlights the locations of Savoroot in Ark Survival Evolved.

Ark Survival Evolved Savoroot Locations

The following map highlights the location of Savoroot in Ark Survival Evolved:

Ark Survival Evolved The Island Savaroot locations

Savoroot is located in the green regions of Ark the Island. This is highlighted by the red circles on the map. Being a crop, Savoroot randomly drops from bushes.

Keep exploring bushes and greenery to find this item. Using tamed Iguanodons and Parasaur can make Savoroot farming much more efficient.

Uses of Savoroot

Savaroot is an essential component of different cooking recipes.  Being starchy, this crop has a lot of nutritional value and tastes good after being cooked.

Savaroot is required for kibble as well. Kibble is very helpful in taming powerful creatures. Giving wild creatures kibble calms them, playing a keen role in their taming.

Savoroot Locations in Ark Valguero

The Farm located near the dock is the best location to farm Savoroot in Ark Valguero. The following are the coordinates for this location:

  • 54 LAT
  • 52 LON

Savoroot Locations in Ark Aberration

Savoroot can be found in all places on the map where there are vegetation and bushes. Explore these areas using a fast tame to effectively farm this crop.

Savoroot Locations in Ark Ragnarok

Savoroot is located in the highlands region of Ark Ragnarok.  The Northern regions of the map such as the land of the Scottish are decent deposits of this crop. There are many other best locations to farm Savoroot in Ark Ragnarok.

In all other Ark games, the best way to collect Savoroot is to harvest bushes. Bushes are located all over the map.

Using a tamed Herbivore that can harvest seeds can make Savoroot farming much easier and quicker.

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