Ark Ragnarok Savoroot Locations

Savoroot is one of the four crops in Ark Ragnarok and is among the essential resources of the game. This crop is starchy just like a potato and has several uses.  Savoroot is used in the crafting of several items such as Broth of Enlightenment, Endure Stew, Lazarus Chowder, Regular Kibble and Sweet Vegetable cake, etc.  Apart from crafting, it has applications in cooking recipes as well.

The following guide highlights the location of Savoroot in Ark Ragnarok to make it easy for you to locate it.

Ark Ragnarok Savoroot Locations

Savoroot is located in the highlands region of Ark Ragnarok.  Highlands also known as the land of the Scottish is a hilly plain located on the North of the map. An Abandoned Lighthouse, Nataziel Spires Cave, and Nessie’s Cave are also present in this area. This region is filled with Savoroot and many other important resources in the game.

Be careful of the threats of powerful creatures such as Allosaurus and Giganotosaurus roaming the highlands. However, these dinosaurs can easily be spotted from a far distance due to the open terrain making it easier to strategize against them. Other dangerous predators include Araneo, Arthropleura, Titanoboa, mantis, and Wyverns. If the player is not prepared or cautious, he/she will be torn away by these predators.

The following map highlights the location of Savoroot in the Ragnarok expansion:

Ark Ragnarok Savoroot Locations map


Location #1

In Ark Ragnarok Savoroot is located at the following coordinates:

  • 1 LAT
  • 8 LON

These coordinates mark the location of a farm in the highlands with lots of Savoroot. Savoroot can be harvested from this farm or Savoroot seeds can be collected.

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