Ark Scorched Earth Survival Tips Guide

Scorched Earth is the first DLC map of Ark Survival. This hot and hostile map introduced many new creatures, structures, and various wealth and resources to survive. Our guide highlights the new stuff added in this Ark Scorched Earth and tips to improve your chances of survival on this challenging map.

Best Tips for Survival in Ark Scorched Earth

Ark Scorched Earth challenges a player to survive extremely hot temperatures, evaporation of water from your canteens, heat that damages electrical generators, heat stokes, vision impairment, and three unique weather systems.   The DLC has also introduced many new items and creatures to the game.

Weather System

The weather ranges from super heat that will drain your water and induce heat strokes to sandstorms that will reduce vision and drain stamina if you are not inside. To make things worse, electrical storms will shut down electrical items and prevent any tech saddles from firing.

This weather system has positive side effects as well. The superheat introduces the ultimate rare spawn, “Phoenix,” that you can only tame with fire. Similarly, with proper coverings, the negative impacts of the sandstorms can be easily avoided, and the electrical storms give the players opportunities to raid. The weather can be easily forecasted, making preparation much easier.

New Items

The following is a list of new times introduced in Ark Scorched Earth:

  • Sulfur: This resource is mined from yellow stones and can be used in taming.
  • Structures offer greater thermal protection, making survival easier in harsh conditions. Examples are railings and ladders.
  • Preserving Salt: It extends the freshness of an item. Preserving salts come in handy during taming as they can be used to preserve expensive taming food for longer.
  • Clay and wood: They are required for crafting structures.
  • Desert cloth: These clothes provide cold, and heat protection but are not as strong as battle armors.

New Creatures

The following is a list of new creatures introduced in Ark Scorched Earth:

  • Jug Bugs There are two types of Jug Bugs: Water and Oil Jug Bugs. They provide oil and water but cannot be tamed.
  • Vultures are good meat sources; you can tame an entire flock of vultures.
  • Jerboas: They are very cute and helpful in the weather forecast.
  • Lymantria: These are heavy and can move large loads. The flying speed of this creature is less than the other fliers.
  • Mantis: Highly efficient for finding resources and can hold weapons and tools. This makes it quite helpful in taming and fighting.
  • Phoenix: The superheat introduces the ultimate rare spawn, “Phoenix,” that you can only tame with fire.
  • Thorny Dragon: This creature can be used for crafting and repairing items as it has a saddle that can function as a smiting table.

Water Sources

Collecting water is essential to survive Ark Scorched Earth as superheating will drain your water. To prevent heat strokes and dehydration, the player must learn about water sources to remain hydrated.

The player can drink water from creatures called water jug bugs. They spawn across the map, especially in the Midlands area. Apart from these bugs, harvesting from large cacti also fulfills your water need.

Water veins located around the map can be harvested for water. Building a well is a much more permanent method to resolve the water crisis in Ark Scorched Earth. The following items are required for the well:

  • Large Storage Box engram
  • 30 Thatch
  • 20 Fiber
  • 15 Cementing Paste
  • 50 Stones
  • 10 Flint

The land of Scorched Earth is punishing, offering miles and miles of hot desert, hostile, rocky areas, and dangerous sheer velocity cliffs. This can give a player a very tough time surviving. Here is a list of tips to survive this map:

Make a House or Tent ASAP

This will offer protection against the extremely hot temperature. Try to farm silk as early as possible in the game to build a thermally isolated tent.

Know about Water Sources

Look for water veins and water jug bugs in the game. These are your lifeblood during the early stages of the map. Remember, you can drink water from water jug bugs without killing them. At the same time, start looking for resources to build the water well.

Learning About the Weather

Weather can be predicted with the help of tamed Jerboas. These cute animals make different noises to represent various kinds of weather. Decode the Jerboa noise to learn about the weather and then act accordingly.

Capture a Raptor in the Early Game

Use a bola and a boomerang to trap a raptor. Its speed and weight make it quite effective against powerful predators and other challenges.

Food Spoils Faster

Food spoils at a rate of 1/3 the usual time. Preserving salts come in handy as it extends the freshness of the food item. They double the spoil time of the meat.

Check out New Items

Ark Scorched Earth has introduced many new items to survive. These include Sulfur, Structures, Preserving Salt, Clay, and wood. Make sure to collect these unique items, each with its perks.

Generators Decay

Ark Scorched Earth offers very high temperatures damaging the generators. Don’t bother making them. Focus on setting up a wind generator with sufficient wind.

New Creatures have Different Taming Procedures

Jerboas can have teamed with PSY seeds, and Golems must be knocked down with a cannon before they can be tamed. On the other hand, Vultures are tamed with meat, whereas Wyverns cannot be tamed.

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