Ark Scorched Earth Cementing Paste Locations

This guide will help you locate and craft cementing Paste using a Mortar and Pestle in Ark Scorched Earth using non-traditional methods.

Cementing Paste is a resource in Ark Scorched Earth, made up of Chitin Keratin and Stone. It is a very useful resource as you can use it to make advanced items and structures. This guide will help locate and craft cementing Paste using a Mortar and Pestle in Ark Scorched Earth since this map doesn’t have traditional ways of farming cementing Paste.

Ark Scorched Earth Cementing Paste Locations

There isn’t an easy way of getting cementing Paste at the moment in Ark Scorched Earth since there are no Beavers or frogs in Scorched Earth. You can’t farm for cementing Paste directly; you can only craft it using the pestle or the chemistry bench, and to do that, you would need chitin and stone.

Thorny Dragons and water jug bugs don’t provide much of either, and when we tried with an oil jug bug, it was the same. We only got a single Titan for killing nothing, and so obviously, we needed a better method for farming for chitin, and the best one we recommend is going into the deep deserts of the map.

You’ll see lots of mantises which are useful since we’re going to be killing lots of mantises. That’s all there is to it; you’re going to be farming for mantises as a nice little side effect; he will also get organic polymer which will cut down on your semantic paste use since you won’t be using as much polymer once you’re done farming your kite and just bring it back to your mortar and pestle then place it in with some stone and make as much cementing Paste.

You’ll be able to farm Mantises if you go to the locations marked on the map below:

Ark Scorched Earth Cement Locations

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