How to Farm Element in Ark Scorched Earth

An unusual, fully evolved substance in Ark Scorched Earth buzzing with energy is called an element. It disintegrates when moved between Arks, a crucial component of Tek Tier equipment. Those that beat bosses and explore the later DLC maps have access to the Element.

Due to its superior technology and potent energy source, Element is used to create most of the endgame goods in Ark. A number of Tek buildings and equipment need Element to be crafted, and certain Tek things also need Element to be powered.

This guide will tell you the best ways to farm Element in Ark Scorched Earth, including Boss Fights, Farm Elemental Dust, Tek Creatures, Tame Ferox, etc. We will also tell you how to Craft Elements in Ark Scorched Earth.

Best Ways to Farm Element in Ark Scorched Earth

We have compiled a list of the best ways to farm Element in Ark Scorched Earth below:

Boss Fights

Rockwell and the Overseer are the only bosses whose inventories cannot be harvested for Element. The sum of Element farmed is determined by how challenging the bosses are.

The quantity won’t be multiplied by the harvesting process. Grab it quickly since you won’t be able to get it back once you’ve been whisked out of the arena. Most Element farming on Ark Scorched Earth is done via Boss Fights.

Farm Element Dust

A relatively easy way for beginners to farm Element in Ark Scorched Earth is by gathering Element Dust. Element dust is a material transferable among Arks, unlike Elements and Element Shards. It can be used to craft Element in Ark Scorched Earth. Element Dust can be farmed from benches, lamps, or tables using a pick, Argentavis, and Doedicurus.

Tek Creatures

Element Dust can also be farmed from Dead Tek Creatures like Tek Parasaur, Defense Units, and Gachas. You can turn this gathered Element Dust into Element.

Tame Ferox

You can tame a Ferox by using a lot of Elements. Ferox can be found at the Ferox Cave, full of bears. Kill all the bears first and then tame the Ferox using the Elements. Once you have tamed the Ferox, you can use Ferox to farm Element from Element Veins in the Ark Extinction.

How to Craft Element in Ark Scorched Earth

There are two different ways in Ark Scorched Earth to craft elements. The first way to craft an element is by using a Charge node. You can find one of them near the Green Obelisk at 51.2 Lat and 25.1 Lon. Go towards it and access its inventory. Hover over the Engram: Element to know the requirements for crafting Element.

You will need the following items for crafting Element:

  • x15 Blue Gem
  • x8 Charge Battery
  • x50 Congealed Gas Ball
  • x20 Element Ore
  • x20 Green Gem
  • x1 Powered On Station
  • x10 Red Gem

Another way to craft Element in Ark Scorched Earth is by Element Shards. If you have the Engram, convert the Element Shards into Element using a Tek Replicator. But you will need Element to power it, so you must use the charge node at least once.

There is one more way to craft Element in Ark Scorched Earth, and that is by Element Dust. You will need Engram: Unstable Element, 1000 Element Dust, and SS Dedicated Storage to craft Element.

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