Ark Scorched Earth Manticore Location and Taming

Manticore is one of the final bosses in Ark Scorched Earth. Domestication of Manticore is impossible as you cannot tame, ride, and breed this creature. The body of the Manticore is a fusion of lion, bat, and scorpion.

Because of this, Manticore can fly and simultaneously attack with venom. Read this guide to learn about the spawning location of Manticore in Ark Scorched Earth, including how to tame him.

Ark Scorched Earth Manticore Location

Manticore is a boss that can be found inside the Manticore Arena located behind the Ark and can be accessed by opening a portal from any obelisk. This boss does not spawn anywhere else on the map.

Manticore is at the Manticore Arena all the time. Alongside the other bosses, Mantis can be found in either Ragnarok Map or Valguero Map. Some items are required to open the portal to the Manticore Arena. These items are as follows:

  • 16 Fire Talon
  • 16 Lightning Talon
  • 16 Poison Talon
  • Artifact of the Gatekeeper
  • Artifact of the Crag
  • Artifact of the Destroyer

Once you have all the required items to open the portal to the Manticore Arena, you are now needed to go to any Obelisk or any blue laser emitting Beacon. Traveling to the Obelisk will automatically open the portal to the Manticore Arena.

How to Tame Manticore

After you have teleported to the Manticore Arena, you will start on the Platform in the Scorned Crags. The fight will start with the Manticore roar. Then the 20-minute timer will start, and if you do not fully kill the Manticore within that time, all your dragons, including you, will die.

The best strategy to fight Manticore is to stay on the Platform. Alpha Worms will not reach and harm you on this Platform, and you can easily use a ranged weapon like a sniper against him from that Platform.

When the health of the Manticore is below 50%, the Manticore will spawn Rock Elements in the Arena. They will also come toward you; they will not harm you if you are on top of the Platform.

Be sure to bring one of your strongest Dinos like Rexes, Spinos, and Therizinosaurus as a tame. Mantocre will shoot a purple ray of venomous projectile towards you. When that happens, hop on your tame and dodge it by hiding behind any rock.

Manticore has another attack that shoots projectile torpor towards you. This time, you will not dodge it by hopping on your tame. The best way to avoid a Torpor attack is to wear a Gas Mask or Tek Helmet.

The temperature of the arena will be high, 104 °F. You can bring Calien Soup and thermal insulation to the Manticore Arena to protect yourself from the heat.

Because Manticore is one of the final bosses, Ark Scorched Earth has not allowed us to tame him. But still, there is a way to force tame him if you are the server’s admin. Type command “admincheat forcetame” on the server, and you will be able to force tame Manticore.

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