Ark Scorched Earth Alpha Deathworm Location and Taming

This guide tells you where to find Alpha Deathworm in Ark Scorched Earth and also briefs you on a viable fighting strategy.

Alpha Deathworm is a creature you can find and kill to get good rewards in Ark Scorched Earth. This guide will cover all the details on where to find Alpha Deathworm and also brief you on a viable fighting strategy against this beast in Ark Scorched Earth.

Ark Scorched Earth Alpha Deathworm Location

Alpha Deathworm can be found on the outskirts of the Scorched Earth, which you can see on the map below.

Ark Scorched Earth Alpha Deathworm Location and Taming

There are a couple of best methods that you can use to find the Alpha Deathworm in Ark Scorched Earth. Don’t worry, we will tell you about both of them.

The method is searching for them at night. The Alpha Deathworm have a special glow, making it easier for you to spot them at night, even from a distance.

So hunt for them at night on the outskirts of the map, and you have a great chance of finding one.


The other method you can try while playing in the daytime is to use the orbital camera because it will also allow you to see underground. You can get to the slope and toggle the orbital camera to see what is below the surface. Using this technique, you can spot an Alpha Deathworm.

Now, as you know how to find the Alpha Deathworm in Ark Scorched Earth, it’s time to tell you how you can take out this creature.

How to Fight Alpha Deathworm

You might have known already that Alpha Deathworm cannot be tame. But still, we can defeat them to get the essential items required to tame Mantis.

While facing a Deathworm, ensure you are not using any Rock Elemental as they will lower the damage to the Alpha Deathworm. To fight an Alpha Deathworm, you need some Rexes with 10,000 Health and 400% damage.

One tame will not work here, so you should come up with multiple ones. You can also use some fast tame to pop it up using the speed. Other than that, continue to hit it with fire arrows from a distance.

You will get a reasonable time to hit this creature as it stays longer on the ground than the normal Deathworm.

You can use Oil Jars and fire arrows together to quickly take out the Alpha Deathworm. You must throw an oil jar on the ground and fire it up. After that lead, Alpha Deathworm into the fire. Now just continue to throw the oil jars to end this creature.

You can take out the Alpha Deathworm using just 3 Oil Jars and Flame arrows. Follow any of the methods given above, and you will be ready to collect your rewards.


The guaranteed loot you can get by defeating an Alpha Deathworm is below.

  • Deathworm Horns
  • Alpha Deathworm Trophy
  • Manticore Helmet Skin

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