Ark Scorched Earth Mantis Location and Taming

Read this guide to learn about the spawning location of Mantis in Ark Scorched Earth, including how to tame them.

Mantis is an aggressive creature in Ark Scorched Earth, feeding with a carnivorous diet. Taming a Mantis is a difficult task due to its aggressive behavior. But all that comes with the advantage of wielding Melee weapons like Spear or Pikes on his back.

All the weapons on his back, combined with the aggressive behavior of Mantis, make him extremely deadly in the battle. Read this guide to learn about the spawning location of Mantis in Ark Scorched Earth, including how to tame them.

Ark Scorched Earth Mantis Location

The is no specific spawning location for Mantis in Ark Scorched Earth. You can easily spot him roaming around in the desert and caves around the map. Mantis are good predators, and you can find them where there is good prey to hunt. They usually travel in packs of 3 or 4, which is also a thing to look for when searching for them in the desert or caves.

How to Tame Mantis

Taming Mantis is not a difficult task. The hard part is reaching Mantis because of his aggressive attitude towards you. You can make this step easy by making yourself invisible to Mantis with the help of Bug Repellent.

Now, you can easily approach him without him attacking you. Then start the taming process by feeding him his favorite food. The favorite food of Mantis is Deathworm Horn or Woolly Rhino Horn.

You can then feed the food by pressing “E” on your console. When feeding him the Deathworm Horn, make sure not to accidentally run into or touch him. Both actions will make the Mantis aggressive and eventually attack you.

You can increase your protection against the Earth Mantis by using Ghillie Armor. The Mantis will require you to feed him the Deathworm Horn multiple times, and you must wait for some time to feed him again. See the progress by looking at the taming meter and stopping when it’s full.

Another way to tame the Mantis is by setting a trap. The trap can be of Stone, Metal, and Adobe. The dimension of the trap includes 4 walls on the first level. The advantage of a trap is that you can feed the Mantis from outside the trap.

Once you have successfully tamed the Mantis, you can name him and eventually ride him with a saddle. The best thing about taming any creature is that you can control every attack of the creature while at the same time riding on top of him.

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