Ark Ragnarok Ice Wyvern Location and Taming

In this article, we'll look at the Ark Ragnarok map to see how gamers can find and tame their favorite Ice Wyvern.

Ice Wyverns are light blue/white creatures found in Ark Ragnarok. Spikes that begin on the shoulders, travel down the spine, and terminate at the tail cover the entire body of an Ice Wyvern.

In Ark Ragnarok, Ice Wyverns have a special ability that is a flap attack. Players can use it to take out thatch. Aside from this, even without having its melee leveled up, the frost breath of an ice wyvern deals a significant amount of damage on its own. Slower-moving creatures can also be paralyzed by ice wyverns.

Another one of this Wyvern’s many helpful abilities is the ability to attack before fire or lightning Wyverns arrive and light up the area with your ice breath. By preventing your adversaries from dispersing, the ensuing fire or lightning strafe will damage more targets. During egg runs, this also makes other wyverns slower.

In this article, we’ll look at the Ark Ragnarok map to see how gamers can find and tame their favorite Ice Wyvern.

Ark Ragnarok Ice Wyvern Location

Since it is an ICE wyvern, the Ice Wyvern spawns in the snow biome. This region is known as murder snow in Ragnarok. Players should put on the armor first before heading on the Ice Wyvern hunt because the temperature here can drop as low as -90 degrees.

Nests of Ice Wyvern spawn in the locations where Ice Wyvern is present. The following are the spawn points for Ice Wyvern in Ark Ragnarok:


Ark Ragnarok Ice Wyvern Location and Taming

  • Lat 33.6 Lon 61.1
  • Lat 47.1 Lon 51.7
  • Lat 42.88 Lon 55.2
  • Lat 44.3 Lon 63.8

How To Tame an Ice Wyvern

Stealing an egg is the most important step in taming an ice wyvern. Finding Ice Wyverns and their eggs is difficult because they are an extremely rare creature in Ragnarok. So it’s a bit of a hassle.

Players can find Ice Wyvern eggs by using the aforementioned GPS coordinates. But throughout the process, players need to be smart.

Firstly, ice wyverns are very powerful and aggressive wyverns. Only if they catch you stealing the egg, they will damage you to death on the spot. Secondly, if players safely manage to steal an egg, there’s quite a chance that the cold in the region can damage the character. Hence it’s important to steal an egg and then come out of that region as quickly as possible.

Once an egg is successfully stolen, the next step is to wait for it to hatch. After the egg is hatched, it’s time to take care of a baby wyvern. Wyvern Milk that is gathered by collecting it from the inventory of wild unconscious females is used to feed baby Wyverns. This is the only food a Wyvern will take before the adult stage.

In some time, baby wyvern will grow up. And congratulations you have your own tamed Ice Wyvern now.

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