Ark Ragnarok Wyvern Egg Locations

We'll be looking at Wyvern eggs which are among the most beneficial resources in Ark Ragnarok due to their high nutritional value.

Wyvern eggs are among the most beneficial resources in Ark Ragnarok because of their high nutritional value and usage in cooking.  These eggs come in four types: Ice, Poison, Fire, and Lightning Wyvern eggs. They can be eaten to get nourishment or to make taming items such as Extraordinary Kibble. This guide highlights the locations of Wyvern Egg in Ark Ragnarok

Ark Ragnarok Wyvern Egg Locations

Wyvern eggs are essential resources of Ark Ragnarok. Acquiring them can be very troublesome as the nests are carefully watched by the powerful flying wyverns. An unplanned attempt to acquire the eggs can result in instant death.  To make things easier for you we have marked the exact locations of all 4 types of Wyvern eggs in our guide.

Ice Wyvern Egg Locations

The following map highlights the locations of Ice Wyvern Eggs in Ark Ragnarok:

Ark Ragnarok Wyvern Egg Location map

Ice Wyvern eggs are located in the MurderSnow region of Ark Ragnarok. This region has freezing temperatures ranging from -30° to -100° and even more.

Along with these extreme weather conditions, this area is filled with dangerous predators such as Ice Wyverns and Polar bears.


However, it’s worth taking all these troubles as this region is filled with unique resources especially Ice Wyvern eggs.   At the following locations in this region the player can find Ice Wyvern eggs:

Location #1

  • 7 LAT
  • 0 LON

A blue crystal lake known as the SnowCherub lake is located near these coordinates. A circle of trees at this location contains the Ice Wyvern egg in it.

Location #2

  • 4 LAT
  • 9 LON

This open ground is roaming with Ice Wyverns. Approach with great caution to steal the egg to avoid alarming the deadly Ice Wyverns. It is recommended to approach the location on a Pteranodon or a Griffin as these tames have the highest stamina, making escapes more feasible.

Location #3

  • 0 LAT
  • 7 LON

These coordinates mark the location of a snowy cliff.  This cliff is found on the South East side of the MurderSnow region.  Escaping the Wyverns flying around this nest can be tough. Make sure to use some quick flier or high stamina creature such as Griffin to approach.

Lightning, Poison, and Fire Wyvern Eggs

  • 3 LAT
  • 2 LON

This location is in the Western Highlands and a very long cave with a lava river can be found at these coordinates. This is the North East part of the map. Proceed to the cave on a flier such as a Pteranodon and the left side, you will find a hidden nest.

You can find lightning wyvern egg at this location. This is the safest egg of the entire game as this area of the map is too narrow for the Wyvern to squeeze in leaving the egg unattended.

Similarly, right next to the above cave the Dragonmalte Trench can be found where you will find the Poison and Fire Wyvern eggs as well. The trench is right next to the lava biome. However, it will be filled with Wyverns especially the Fire ones due to the lave in the center.

Get a high-level Pteranodon (Level 145 is recommended), and a decent saddle to approach the area. Fast speed and high stamina tames are essential to escape the Wyverns. Keep an eye on the health as well as Wyvern’s blasts are really powerful.

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