Ark Ragnarok Griffin Location and Taming

This detailed guide will tell you where exactly you need to go in Ark Ragnarok to look for a griffin and teaches you how to tame it as well.

Gryphon Magnifiicum also known as Griffin in Ark Ragnarok, is a creature with high flying speed and the ability to manage high momentum maneuvers such as deep dives in the sky.

On top of that, Griffin has good fighting and killing potential because of his sharp claws making it one of the deadliest flying creatures in Ragnarok. You can harness all these powers once you have tamed this creature therefore, we have a guide that covers all the detail on the location and how to tame Griffin in Ark Ragnarok

Ark Ragnarok Griffin Location

You can find Griffin in high-altitude areas such as mountain tops and canyons. They also sometimes travel around and can also be found in the forests. In Ragnarok, you can find Griffin in areas near the snow biome such as Upper Hidana, The Ivory Crag, Icequeen Labrinth, and Titans Rise.

Griffin has a high rarity therefore you might have to travel to all the areas mentioned above to find him. The coordinates of Griffin’s most common spawning location are (24,46). We have marked all the spawning locations of Griffin with red circles in the map image below:

ark ragnarok griffin spawn map

How to Tame a Griffin

Once you have found the Griffin that you are willing to tame, make sure to have Alpha Mount and his favorite food along with you. Different foods have a different amount of taming time. Extraordinary Kibble has a taming time of 18 min and the time gradually increases with other foods as Raw Prime Meat has 24 min.


The top favorite foods of the Griffin that are needed to tame are as follows:

  • Extraordinary Kibble
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Raw Mutton

The level of the Griffin will not increase after you have bred him because Ark does not allow us to breed these creatures therefore make sure to pick the Griffin that has a high level to start with.

The next step after finding the high-level Griffin is to knock him out. To make this step easier, you can pen that it cannot escape. Then you can tranquilize him with narcotics to knock the Griffin out.

There is a possibility that the Griffin will fly from the trap therefore once he is knocked down, make sure to build all the walls of the trap and rebuild any that he breaks. Griffin will now be in a calm state.

Now you need to feed Griffin his favorite food and wait the appropriate amount of time. You can feed him the food with the lowest taming time such as Extraordinary Kibble to speed the taming process.

Once tamed, a Griffin can help us in combat and transporting small creatures. Due to their high-flying speed than the Wyverns, Griffins can be an ideal creature to use when you are stealing Wyvern eggs.

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