Ark Genesis: Part 2 Best Base Building Locations

In Ark Genesis Part 2, bases are an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to basic survival in the game. You cannot build your base anywhere on the map. There are resources that you must look for nearby to build the base.

Some base locations are more apparent in plain sight, and some are more hidden. Some are vulnerable to enemy attacks and other players. You must build the base before someone else claims from the server.

Keeping in mind all the factors, we have made a guide that covers the list of all the best bases in Ark Genesis 2.

Ark Genesis part 2 best base building locations

Ark Genesis features a lot of good base-building locations. Some of them are in the right Eden Zone and some are on the left Rockwell’s Garden Zone. Most of the locations of the base have the access to water.

If you want to learn about all the locations of the bases in Ark Genesis part 2, you can look at the map image below:

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Best Base Building Locations


Eden Zone base locations

Location #1

This base location is on the Eden side of Hangar Bay. These regions fall on the right ring of Ark Genesis. You have a big structure with a platform built in a cutout of the mountain.

There are limited resources to build the base therefore you must travel to other locations for resources. There are two big entrances on either side of the mountain that can be used to store big dinos. The coordinates for this base are:

  • 32 LAT
  • 79 LON

Location #2

Summer Lake region has an island that can be used to build the base in Ark Genesis. You can spawn in the Summerworth location to have close access to this base. Two land bridges connect the island to the SUMP region.

You will have close access to the wood, ash, silica pearls, and stone in this location. There are a lot of Beaver dams in Summer Lake that can be a great source of Cementing Paste. There are a lot of places that you can use to build the base.

The coordinates for this base are:

  • 42 LAT
  • 66 LON

Location #3

You can find a Plateau on the Unsacaled Mountain region of Ark Genesis. This location has a lot of plain land space to build the base. It is connected on either side through two bridges.

You can find and mine a lot of resources such as metal, Silica Pearls, and Oil veins near this location. There are also some crystal deposits in this region. The coordinates for this base are:

  • 59 LAT
  • 78 LON

Location #4

In Ark Genesis, there is a hidden building located underwater that can be accessed by swimming. This base is already very much built, and you just have to build the entrances. There are no resources in this base location.

Because of how segregated this base location is, you will remain safe from the creatures and players. The entrance can easily be identified by the circular towers inside the lake. You can swim inside the tower to the tunnel that leads you directly to the base.

The coordinates for this base are:

  • 41 LAT
  • 63 LON

Rockwell’s Garden Zone base locations

Location #1

There is a cave close to the Noxious River region in Ark Genesis. It can be a perfect location to build the base because of how hidden it is. There are three massive entrances to this cave.

You can find plenty of good resources around the cave such as metal, crystal, and obsidian. There is also a water source inside this cave that can be used to store the aquatic creatures. The coordinates for this base are:

  • 66 LAT
  • 27 LON

Location #2

Traitor Rock is another region that can be a possible base location. This location is very close to the Harrowing Dam. You must cut the massive flowers to clear this area. There is the richest metal deposit found close to this location.

There are plenty of other resources such as silica pearls, crystals, and gems. The coordinates for this base are:

  • 35 LAT
  • 31 LON

Location #3

In Ark Genesis, there is an empty structure on the Creeping Leaf Bog. This structure can be the best location for the base as it is already built. You just have to add two walls on either side of the base to finish.

There is a water source right inside the base which can be used to store aquatic creatures. Resource-wise, this location is rich in all of them. The coordinates for this base are:

  • 45 LAT
  • 11 LON

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