Ark Genesis: Part 2 Structures Guide

To help you understand how to use the structures in Ark Genesis Part 2, we created a detailed guide that walks you through them all.

A variety of different objectives can be accomplished with the new structures included in Ark Genesis Part 2. The benefits of structures are numerous. To help you understand how to use the structures in Ark Genesis Part 2, we created a detailed guide that walks you through them all one by one.

Ark Genesis part 2 structures

Here is a detailed list of all the new structures that have been added to this latest & final DLC of Ark Survival Evolved.

Ammo box

Genesis: Part 2 features the Ammo Box as a structure. Several types of ammunition can be stored and distributed across a variety of locations and weapons. All Emplacements in its radius will not run out of ammunition if the Ammo Box is supplied.

Only ammunition can be stored in its 300 slots. Every 9.5 foundations can only have two Ammo Boxes. Press E on a full Ammo Box to refill a weapon. Using the Ammo box, any Catapult Turret, Cannon, Ballista Turret, Minigun Turret, or Rocket Turret will continue to fire until the ammunition is finished.

Tek Turrets, Heavy Auto Turrets, and Auto Turrets refill continuously when not in use. The turret glows purple when refilled, along with a blue particle ring surrounding it.


Using a canoe is a convenient way to cross water. Canoes can accommodate three survivors, and they move faster when each of the survivor paddle. Marine life won’t attack it, but terrestrial creatures will. It will also be attacked by aggressive flyers. Canoes have 5000 health and regenerate at around a healthy rate of one per second if they are damaged.

Egg Incubator

When incubating eggs inside the Egg Incubator, the temperature is maintained. It is recommended to plan when hatching eggs from an incubator before adjusting the temperature.

When you look at an egg up close and walk in front of it, you will see the color regions and levels. Unless you open the incubator’s inventory, you cannot interact with the eggs Up to 10 Eggs can be incubated at the preferred temperature using the wheel menu to adjust the temperature.

Loadout Mannequin

Loadout Mannequins are structures in Genesis: Part 2. A Survivor can store Armor and QuickEquip items in it. Survivors will be equipped with the contents of the Loadout Mannequin upon interaction.

Tek Crop Plot

Tek Tier is a variant of Crop Plot. Its larger storage capacity allows plants to grow faster without needing sunlight. As well as refrigerating plants, Tek Crop Plots maintain their self-stabilization. The Tek Crop Plots have a high Greenhouse Effect of 500%, increasing their efficiency by 1.5x.

Tek Hoversail

In Genesis: Part 2, the Tek Hoversail facilitates long-distance travel. Two survivors can be accommodated, one who controls the vehicle and another who uses weapons. When you encounter wild dinos while riding a Hoversail, they are not aggressive.

You can remain on the hoversail while teleporting in the Genesis Simulation if the creature has not already aggroed on you. With a hoversail, creatures can spawn during long loads after teleporting, so it’s great for computers with lower CPUs and consoles.

You can add it to your hotbar so you can use it quickly when in danger. You can escape undersea dangers by deploying Hoversails while underwater, which float you to the surface. In a hoversail, steep mountains can be climbed easily.

Tek Remote Camera

Genesis: Part 2 features a structure known as the Tek Remote Camera. If you put it in the Surveillance Console’s inventory, you’ll be able to link it to it. When the camera is connected, you can place it down and monitor it with the Tek Surveillance Console. Through a camera, you can speak and access Dino & Creature radial wheels remotely.

Tek Surveillance Console

This is one of the structures in Genesis: Part 2. By connecting cameras in a network, Survivors can monitor an area, somewhat like Scout Remote. The Survivor can interact with Structures and Creatures remotely from these cameras.

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