ARK Genesis Best Base Building Locations Guide

Ark Genesis is the expansion pack released for Ark Survival: Evolved. In this expansion pack, survivors wake up within a virtual simulation accompanied by the HLN-A companion. Together they must overcome the simulation’s rigorous tests and only by fighting, building, taming, and exploring this new world. In this guide, we will list some of ARK Genesis Best Base Building Spots for you to survive in the harsh wilds.

ARK Genesis Best Base Building Spots

Snow Biomes: (Coordinates: Lat 790, Long 169)

The Snow biome will be a great option to start off your survival journey as it is well hidden. But there is a downfall to it as there is not much space here to build. There will be plenty of resources around the area for you to survive.

Ocean Biome: (Coordinates: Lat 270, Long 588)

The ocean biome will protect you from all the sea creatures. It is a cave type fortress and is very spacious. But there is a downfall that this biome will be needed to be protected from different entrances meaning that you will have to block off a number of different entrances to keep intruders out.

Volcano Biome: (Coordinates: Lat 146, Long 677)

The volcano biome is a decent location for compact bases and has enough space for many tames. There is enough room for many different functions here. But the downfall is that it has two big entrances which will be needed to be heavily guarded.

Lunar Biome: (Coordinates: Lat 493, Long 285)

This location is one of the best for end game bases. It has only entrance that leads into a huge cave. There is a huge space inside for a big base design and more tames. The main focus will be to protect the single entrances for the best survival.

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