ARK Genesis Best Base Building Locations Guide

This guide will give you some of the best locations to build your base in Ark Genesis and ensure safety from the elements and other players.

Bases in Ark Genesis are safe spots where you can store essential resources and set up areas for your tames to stay while not with you. You can also carry out other important tasks here, like crafting and hatching. We have prepared this guide for you to highlight the best locations for building a base in Ark Genesis so you don’t have trouble finding them.

ARK Genesis Best Base Building Spots

ARK Genesis Best Base Building Locations

Arctic biomes

Location #1

  • LAT: 79.0
  • LON: 16.9

The Arctic biome is an excellent option to start your survival journey as it is well hidden. But there is a downfall to it as there is not much space here to build. There will be plenty of resources around the area for you to survive.

Bog biome

Location #2

  • LAT: 83.5
  • LON: 60.5

It is another excellent spot for you to set up a massive base in Ark Genesis. It is a huge metal structure that is covered in greenery. On top of it, you will find big flat spots where you can set up a base.

This area is not used in any mission, and no other dangerous creatures spawn here. All these things make it a great PvE base location.

Location #3

  • LAT: 82.6
  • LON: 83.5

It is an underground area in the Bog biome that is pretty big. The best thing about this area is you can build many safe houses here. You will find some good resources nearby as well. So, all in all, it will be an excellent spot for you to build a base.

Ocean biome

Location #4

  • LAT: 27.0
  • LON: 58.8

It is a cave-type fortress and is very spacious. But there is a downfall: this biome will need to be protected from different entrances, meaning that you will have to block off several other entrances to keep intruders out.

Location #5

  • LAT: 42.4
  • LON: 48.3

It is a high cliff area in the Ocean biome. Because of its height, no dangerous creatures spawn here, and you can build an extensive base here. It is a pretty flat area surrounded by water.

Volcano biome

Location #6

  • LAT: 37.4
  • LON: 71.7

You will find a metal tower-type structure in the Volcano Biome. You have to use some cliff platform to build your base on it. After that, you can place some foundations on its end to make different structures here. It is a safe area, and building a base here will be a great plus for you.

Location #7

  • LAT: 14.6
  • LON: 67.7

The volcano biome is a decent location for compact bases and has enough space for many tames. There is enough room for many different functions here. But the downfall is that it has two big entrances that you must guard heavily.

Lunar biome

Location #8

  • LAT: 49.3
  • LON: 28.5

This location is one of the best for end-game bases. It has only an entrance that leads into a vast cave. There is a huge space inside for a significant base design and more tames. The main focus will be protecting single entrances for the best survival.

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