Ark Fjordur Wyvern Eggs Locations

Ark: Survival Evolved has always been home to all sorts of creatures, a tradition that its new Fjordur map follows...

Ark: Survival Evolved has always been home to all sorts of creatures, a tradition that its new Fjordur map follows to the mark.

There are four types of wyverns inhabiting the new Fjordur regions. Their wyvern eggs are something of great interest. You will need them to hatch and tame your own wyverns, which is why you will be heading out to find and bag their eggs.

However, getting these wyvern eggs will not be easy. Their wyvern families are guarding them for starters. The locations themselves are harsh and you will have to tread very carefully or else become wyvern food.

The following guide will help you find all of the wyvern eggs in Ark Fjordur.

Ark Fjordur Wyvern Eggs Location

Each wyvern egg belongs to a different type or element, which also influences its surroundings. You will better understand that once you enter their lairs.

Ark Fjordur Wyvern Eggs Location


Fire Wyvern Egg Location

In order to gain the fire wyvern egg, you need to go to the southeast area in the Fjordur map. This area is surrounded by molten lava and the main entrance to the area is through the underground at coordinates 84.3 LAT and 70.1 LON.

You will also see a river full of lava when you enter the area and if you follow the river, you will reach an area where quite a few wyverns will be flying around. This is the area and upon seeing the rock formations above the ground, you may find a nest containing the egg.

Lightning Wyvern Egg Location

You can find the lightning wyvern egg in the western area of the map. This will be located in a cave and the opening is exactly at coordinates 29 LAT and 8 LON.

Upon reaching the cave, you will see a lot of wyverns, so you need to be beware of them. Just enter the cave and follow in a straight path until the cave leads to a large open area. This new, open area will be where you can find a nest with the egg.

Poison Wyvern Egg Location

You will need to go to Vanaheim through the Portal Cave. Head to coordinates 13 LAT and 64 LON to find the cave entrance. Once you reach the area, you will see the waterfall and you need to travel above it into the trench.

You might have to face some wyvern on your way to your destination. You don’t necessarily have to kill them but if they are bothering you, kill them away and then loot the egg.

Ice Wyvern Egg Location

The ice wyvern egg can be obtained by traveling to the southwestern area of the map. The exact entrance is available at coordinates 64 LAT and 33 LON.

You need to travel through a tight and extremely narrow tunnel of sorts. This is where you will be ambushed by some angry wyverns and it is tough to fight with them in a so little space.

Therefore, you may require the help of an ice dragon that will defeat them and this way you can easily take the egg.

Best Dino For Getting Wyvern Eggs

The best dino for obtaining the eggs is definitely the ice dragon. You may get the first three eggs, but the ice wyvern egg will be fairly challenging without the help of an ice dragon.

This dragon will help you to kill the wyvern at all the sites and will be beneficial while getting you in and out of the area. It throws electric shock which gives a great damage to the enemy dragons. Therefore, your ultimate choice should be the ice dragon.

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