How To Teleport In Ark Fjordur

The new Ark Fjordur expansion introduces three more realms to the game in addition to the brand new map. You...

The new Ark Fjordur expansion introduces three more realms to the game in addition to the brand new map.

You can always spend time in the main Fjordur regions but you will eventually have to travel between realms to reach either Asgard, Jotunheim, or Vanaheim. You cannot advance without the resources and items present in those three realms.

Hence, how do you teleport between realms? The following guide will show you how.

How To Teleport Between Realms In Ark Fjordur

In order to teleport between realms, you must reach the Portal Cave (or Portal Room) in the middle of the Fjordur map at coordinates 40.1 LAT and 57.7 LON.

Once you reach the coordinates, you will see a giant cave entrance with a visible archway. Inside the Portal Cave will be three separate portals to each of the three realms: Asgard, Jotunheim, and Vanaheim. Simply enter any of them to travel between realms.

There are no restrictions to use the portals. However, you will need to keep your character level and equipment in mind. Asgard, Jotunheim, and Vanaheim are harsh realms with danger lurking in every corner. You will advance any further into the realms if you are under-level.


Asgard is home to some of the most dangerous and ferocious monsters while Jotunheim can freeze you to death. Vanaheim though is pretty tame in comparison.

How To Instantly Teleport

There is a way to instantly teleport in Ark: Survival Evolved without having to jump through all of the aforementioned hoops. There, however, is also a little catch to teleport instantly.

You can only instantly teleport on multiplayer servers. The feature is not available on single-player servers.

The pop-up option for a Realm Teleportation will show up on your screen if you continue to hold down the “R” key on your keyboard. You may teleport to the natural spawn places on the main island as well as Jotunheim, Asgard, and Vanaheim by selecting from that Realm Teleportation dial.

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