Ark Fjordur Shadowmane Locations and Taming

Ark Fjordur is full of fascinating creatures which are hybrids of different kinds of species. One such creature is Shadowmane....

Ark Fjordur is full of fascinating creatures which are hybrids of different kinds of species. One such creature is Shadowmane. Is it a cat or a fish? I guess we’ll never know but what you will know after reading this guide is Shadowmane locations and how to tame it in Ark Fjordur.

Ark Fjordur Shadowmane Location

Shadowmanes can be called a feline-fish hybrid and have a strong resemblance to lions and tropical fish with a frill on their back. Shadowmanes travel alone or in packs and can chase and kill anyone with ease.

If tamed, Shadowmanes provide a bunch of really useful abilities such as teleporting, invisibility cloak, and shock attacks. A Shadowmane can be peaceful until approached with killer intent.

Shadowmanes are usually found in the purple forest, which is located in Asgard. You can reach Asgard by using the yellow portal in the Portal Cave found at the 40.1° Latitude, 47.7° Longitude.

Once you reach Asgard, you can find Shadowmanes at the following coordinates.

  • 58.7° Latitude, 53.4° Longitude
  • 36.7° Latitude, 51.4° Longitude
  • 64.8° Latitude, 49.4° Longitude
  • 62.7° Latitude, 51.8° Longitude

The above spots have the highest chances of nesting a Shadowmane.


How to Tame Shadowmane in Ark Fjordur

You will need the following items to tame the Shadowmane.

Taming Food

  • Fish


  • Any trap of your choice, although not necessary


  • Ghillie Armor

Although Shadowmanes are relatively violent creatures, they can be tamed non-violently. Taming them is not hard but can be time-consuming if not done right.

Fish is the only taming food you will need to tame the Shadowmanes, and it can be caught using a fish basket. Just place the fish basket in the water and wait for the fish to come close and swim right into the trap.

The taming process can be faster or slower depending upon the quality of the fish that you are feeding the Shadowmane. If the quality of the fish is 1.5 or higher, it will be rather quick tame. Any lower will only consume more time.

Shadowmanes have the near-perfect ability to go invisible and they are usually invisible during the night. During the day, they rest and sleep; that’s when we have to do our work.

Once you have caught the fish, place it in the last slot of your Hotbar and approach the Shadowmane from behind or from somewhere you are not visible. If the Shadowmane sees you, it will become aggro and attack you.

Approach from behind, feed them the fish, and just move away. The Shadowmane will become invisible and run in a direction once you have fed it. You can track it using your Taming Tracking System.

Once the Shadowmane has calmed down and sat to rest again, you can approach it again from behind and feed it. Keep repeating the process to tame the wild creature.

Keep in mind that if the Shadowmane detects you, the taming progress will drop down to 0% and you will have to start over again. To make sure that doesn’t happen, do a sweep of the area and kill any other creature beforehand.

To minimize the chances of being discovered, wear a ghillie suit. Rinse and repeat, and you shall have yourself a Shadowmane.

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