Ark Fjordur Nameless Venom Location

If you’re looking to find Nameless Venom in Ark Fjordur, our guide has you covered with the best farming location.

With the release of Fjordur, a new Ark: Survival Evolved free expansion; there’s a whole new world for players to explore. In this new map, there are four islands where you’ll find all kinds of different monsters and items. If you’re looking to find Nameless Venom in Fjordur, look no further than this guide, where we’ll be showing you the best locations to farm Nameless Venom in Ark Fjordur.

Ark Fjordur Nameless Venom Location

The usual way of finding Nameless Venom in Ark Survival Evolved is to search the corpses of Nameless Creatures in the Abberation Zone. In Fjordur, however, there’s a new way of finding Nameless Venom which happens to be way more efficient.

To find Nameless Venom in Fjordur, you need to travel to a specific cave on the map. The cave you’re looking for is located at these coordinates:

  • 56.0 LAT
  • 84.0 LONG

But before you go out searching for this cave, you need to know what kind of monsters you’ll face in there. Typically, you’ll find the following monsters inside this cave:

  • Aberrant Arthropluera
  • Aberrant Megalosaurus
  • Aberrant Purlovia
  • Aberrant Spino
  • Carnotaurus
  • Karkinos
  • Ravagers
  • Rock Drake

If you think you’re powerful enough to face these monsters, mount your ride and fly towards the aforementioned coordinates.

Once you’re there, you’ll see a small island in the middle of the river. To the left of the island, you’ll see a shipwreck adjacent to the shore. Fly above the shipwreck and look to the hills on your left to find the cave entrance which will lead you to Nameless Venom.

The cave entrance has a distinct purple glow to it, so it’s very easy to spot. If you’re having trouble finding it, we’ve marked its exact location in the map image below.

nameless venom cave

Once you’ve found the cave entrance, park your mount outside and head in. To traverse this cave, you’ll need a strong mount as there are all kinds of powerful monsters inside, so pick your mount wisely.

After mounting your ride, run forward while hugging the wall to your left. Keep going up this path until you reach an opening.

At this point, you should slow down and look around yourself carefully. What you need to look for is a unique orange stone. When you find it, simply whack it with your pickaxe and you’ll acquire 4-6x Nameless Venom from a single stone.

Continue exploring this area to find more orange stones. You’ll find loads of stones in this cave, so you’ll be able to rack up a plentiful amount of Nameless Venom easily. Just make sure to watch out for the different mobs in the area.

One thing to keep in mind is that the cave is one big loop. So if you keep going forward, you’ll eventually end up back at your starting point. Therefore, you should memorize the appearance of the starting location, so you don’t end up searching the same area over and over again.