Ark Fjordur Rock Drake Eggs Location

In this guide, we will provide you with the best places to find and steal Rock Drake eggs in Ark Fjordur as well as the best way to do it.

Not every creature in Ark Fjordur can be tamed by simply knocking them down and feeding them food. Some require special items or can only be acquired through eggs. Rock Drake is one such example. Rock Drake eggs are particularly useful in Ark Fjordur as they are needed for Kibble, a highly efficient taming food.

In this guide, we will provide you with the best places to find and steal Rock Drake eggs in Ark Fjordur as well as the best way to do it.

Ark Fjordur Rock Drake Eggs Location

The location we will share is the most authentic one so far and you are going to find Rock Drake eggs at that location for sure.

Keep in mind the location at which you will get these eggs is a Radiation Zone. So you need to take a hazard suit with you and take something like Abberant Spino because it is naturally immune to radiations.

To get to your actual location, you first need to go to Asgard. Now, this can be a deal-breaker for some of you as Asgard is accessed by a portal located at 41 LATITUDE and 57 LONGITUDE and it requires 5 runestones and you need to be at least level 50 to enter Asgard.

If you fulfill all the requirements then head towards 41 LAT and 57 LONG. The entrance is a big archway so your spino can easily move through. When you give 5 runestones at the terminal, you will be teleported to Asgard.

Once you are in Asgard, head southeast to 41 LATITUDE and 49 LONGITUDE. You are going to see a forest of tall purple trees. This location is a bit trickier to spot but drop down to the forest, and you will find a cave. Before going in, make sure you put on your hazard suit because there’s radiation inside.

Take the path leading to the inside of the cave. Keep going until you reach an open purplish giant space. This is where you are going to find Rock Drake eggs.

Best Dinosaur to Steal Rock Drake Eggs

The space where you will find Rock Drake eggs is filled with a bunch of dangerous Rock Drakes and Lizards that are ready to attack you as you try to steal the eggs. So you will need to be more cautious before entering this rat trap.

We are going to suggest some best dinosaurs that you might want to take with you to deal with deadly Rock Drakes:


A good way is to bring health-boosted Megalosaurus. But keep in mind that they are so big that they might get stuck in the way before getting into the ravine. So park them somewhere suitable and bring a crossbow fitted with zipline anchors.

Moreover, bring some long-ranged weaponry as well. This is because just when you steal the eggs, the aggravated Rock Drakes are going to rush toward you. So you will take the zipline to the way out as quickly as possible.


Karkinos are highly mobile and moderately strong dinos. And the plus point here is that they are naturally immune to radiation, so you don’t need to worry about that.

A decent-sized Karkino is very durable and its dual pincer attack is capable of taking multiple Rock Drakes down. But the only downside of this dino is that they cannot fight back whilst flying. And there are lots of lizards that can hunt you down. To avoid that, carry a long-ranged rifle or shotgun to deal with them.

Karkinos are so agile that you can get to any nest without the fear of getting caught.

Reaper King

Reaper King is a good choice too. They have the ability to jump and Rock Drakes cannot fly. So when you steal eggs, make sure you use this jumping ability as much as possible.

You can get to any nest of your choice with this dino. But the speed of Reaper is almost the same as that of Rock Drake, or it might be lesser sometimes. So this is a bit of a problem.

Tips to Steal Rock Drake Eggs

Stealing eggs is not all as simple as it seems. The nests of eggs are located on the walls of numerous small chasms. And only a few creatures like Karkinos and Reaper Kings can enter or exit this ravine.

This ravine is filled with many Rock Drakes that are ready to attack you as you try to steal the egg. When you steal an egg, this aggravates the drakes and they fall on you angrily. It is very difficult to deal with them because they are so many.

The best strategy to deal with them is to take them down before stealing an egg. For this, carry a long-ranged weapon and start hunting them down. Killing them one by one will not be difficult. When you have eliminated all of them, always assume that there is still one or two drakes camouflaged somewhere and can attack you when you steal an egg. But one or two drakes are not a problem, are they?

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