Ark Fjordur Magmasaur Eggs Location

Magmasaur inhabits the same volcanic caverns as the fire wyverns in Ark Fjordur. You will have to travel a bit...

Magmasaur inhabits the same volcanic caverns as the fire wyverns in Ark Fjordur. You will have to travel a bit deeper to find Magmasaur but it reasons that when you are there to collect the fire wyvern eggs, use the opportunity to bag the Magmasaur eggs as well.

You need the Magmasaur eggs in order to incubate and ultimately hatch your own Magmasaur dragon. Only then you can train your own dragon.

The following guide will help you find Magmasaur eggs in Ark Fjordur.

Ark Fjordur Magmasaur Eggs Location

Magmasaurs can be found in the southeast region of the map. Head to coordinates 89 LAT and 70 LON or 96 LAT and 80 LON to find the entrances to the volcanic trench.

You will see a river of molten lava flowing through the underground cavern. You just need to follow this river all the way deep into the cave to find the Magmasaurs nest.

Once you enter their lair, you will spot little islands of magma below where Magmasaurs have their nests. That is where you can get your Magmasaur eggs.

Ark Fjordur Magmasaur Eggs Locations

Now finding the nest isn’t tough but defeating the dragon is, therefore, there are two ways this mission can go. You can either go through the stealth way or you can take some dragon with you to kill them for your own aid.

There might be a total of around five or six Magmasaur dragons. It is advised to you that you shouldn’t start a fight with the Magmasaur dragon or even kill the high-level Magmasaur dragon as you require their high-level eggs.

Just keep in mind that if you require the Magmasaur eggs on a daily basis, you should place a teleporter in the cave for your own convenience. This way you can easily reach the cave without a lot of travel.

Apart from this, there is another thing that you should consider which is heat protection. As you are going into a cave where there is lava so the temperature will be quite high, therefore enter the cave with full protection.

Best Dino For Getting Magmasaur Eggs

The best dino for killing the Magmasaur dragons can be either Giganotosaurus or Rex. You can choose from either one of them. But do note that the lower-level Magmasaur dragons can be killed with a simple shotgun which does great damage. You can hence only bring the dino for the high-level Magmasaur dragons if you want to kill them.

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