Ark Fjordur Gacha Location and Taming

Like Desmodus and Fjordhawk, Gacha is another creature in Ark Fjordur with unique abilities. Gacha will help you produce resources because of its ability to consume items. Gacha can also transform these consumed items into crystals. If you successfully tame Gacha, it can produce up to 6 resources.

In this guide, we will give you the location of Gacha in Ark Fjordur and explain the complete process of taming this creature.

Ark Fjordur Gacha Location

Gacha can be located in multiple locations. For the first location, head to the hidden lake under the map.  When you reach this location, you will find Gacha in abundance here.

Below we have listed down the exact coordinates:

  • 11.0 latitude, 88.3 longitude
  • 62.6 latitude, 30.4 longitude

How to Tame Gacha in Ark Fjordur

To Tame Gacha, feeding it is the best strategy.  Gachas can only be fed when they are happy. If they are sad, they won’t eat. Dropping something from your inventory on the ground will encourage it to consume it. When a greater amount of an item is dropped, it is tamed faster. When an item is rarer, it is more likely to increase in level which means that it affects your taming effectiveness.

Below we have listed down the food items you can use to tame Gacha:

  • Snow Owl Pellet
  • Stone
  • Berries
  • Meat

Plant Species Y Traps, Snow Owl Pellets, crafted items such as walls and foundations, metal ore, Stone, Berries, and then meat are preferred by Gacha. The item must be dropped into the path of the Gacha in the exact moment you intend so that it will be picked up and consumed continuously until it is tamed or otherwise removed.

If you drop a stack, the Gacha will pick up the whole stack and eat it continuously until it is tamed. Make sure to watch the food meter while traveling long distances and provide it with sufficient food.

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