Best Base Locations In Ark Fjordur

The new Ark Fjordur map offers dozens of promising locations to build a good base. You will, however, need to consider several factors when deciding where to start building.

The most important factor is safety, of course, safety is paramount. You’d want to have a safe location to build your base, away from all the dangerous predators, otherwise, you’d end up in the never-ending cycle of dying and then heading out to recover your items.

The next factor is the availability of resources. Food can be obtained fairly easily; you can survive off of berries that are pretty common throughout most parts of the map.

Water, Metal, and Oil can be pretty hard to come by though. Naturally, you’d want to build your base near them, otherwise, you’d have to travel a lot to get the basic necessities and if you’re carrying heavy loads of metal, it would be devastating to walk all the distance.

These factors are common for both PvE and PvP- wise gameplay. So, looking at all these factors, we’ll be looking at the best places to build your base in Ark Fjordur.

Best PvE Base Locations In Ark: Fjordur

Ark Fjordur PvE Base Locations

Base Location #1

This location is at 35.4 LAT and 93.6 LON.

Ideally, you’d want to be at the center of the map to have access to all the major locations, but although this area might be way off to the east, it’s got everything that you need to build a good base.

First off, you’ve got a nice flat area, which you can use to make a stable, but most importantly, symmetrical base. Next, you’ve got all the useful resources nearby.

To the west, you’ve got a small water source next to a beautiful waterfall, connected by a natural bridge through a ravine to your main area. To the east, you’ve got a small mountain with a mini-cave. Inside this cave, and also on top of it, you have both Metal and Oil spawns.

Although it isn’t a necessity to have a pretty-looking area, you’ve got yourself one in this case. So if you’re the type of player who enjoys ambiance and beauty, this might be the location for you!

Base Location #2

This location is at 68.0 LAT and 63.2 LON.

Here, you’ve got your ideal fairly central location. It’s an island not far from the coast. Since this is an island you’ve already got the water source down.

As for the rest of the resources, you are easily connected to them since you have the central location. You’ve also got a nice flat area to build your base and it’s also fairly safe, making it one of the best locations on the map.

Base Location #3

This location is at 31.8 LAT and 65.9 LON.

Here you’ve got your ideal fairly central area. This area is a large castle at the base of a mountain, which you can even use to fortify your base.

As for the necessities, you’ve got metal, oil, and even obsidian spawns at the top of the mountain, just above the castle, making it a very good area in terms of resources since you’ve got all of them in one place.

Inside this castle, there is a small tunnel that leads to a small cave. This cave here contains your water source with silica pearls at the base of it, and also contains spawns of crystals.

Considering that nearly all of the resources that you need are located in the same place, and also the fact that it’s near to the center of the map, easily makes it the best area on the whole map to build your base.

Best PvP Base Locations In Ark: Fjordur

You’ve got the same factors to build a good base here as in the previous section here, but now you also have the added problem of other players who also looking for the best places to build their base, so it would be a bit harder to find a suitable location in this case. Nevertheless, we’ve still come up with a few good locations to build your base in PvP mode.

Since most of the experienced players go for the center of the map, you’ll have to retreat to the edges of it in the early stages if you’re a beginner. Once you feel confident enough to expand and move out into harder regions, you can use the locations mentioned previously to build your base.

Ark Fjordur PvP Base Locations

Base Location #1

This location is around 0.6 LAT and 70.5 LON, way off to the northeast corner of the map. It’s a cool area that’s pretty hidden and safe.

You’ve got a massive flat plateau here which you can build on and at the center of it is a small lake on it which solves your water source problem. This lake is also deep enough to house most of the Water creatures which you might want to tame. More to the east you have another plateau that contains metal spawns.

Overall, this is a pretty safe spot with a good amount of resources so it’d be a go-to location to build your base in PvP mode.

Base Location #2

This location is at 67.4 LAT and 07.6 LON, all the way to the west of the map.

Here you’ve got a red forest area near a small mountain. This mountain has all the resources you need just at the base of it, including water and metal.

Just above the water is a small flat area that you can use to build your base. It’s also pretty safe, making it one of the best areas to build your base in PvP mode.

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