Ark Extinction Weapons And Armor Guide

Our ARK Extinction Weapons and Armor Guide will tell you about all the new weapons, armor, and tools that are a part of Ark Extinction.

In Ark Extinction, there are many hostile creatures and bosses that you need to fight to progress in the game. Fighting these creatures with bare hands can be a little unfair and difficult. Therefore, Ark Extinction features plenty of weapons and armor for you to choose from.

With ARK’s new Extinction update out, there are more than a few dozen items ready for everyone to play around with. In this ARK Extinction Guide, we will be going through all the different types of weapons and armor you can find in Ark Extinction along with their general uses.

ARK Extinction weapons and armor

Let’s go ahead and take a look at all of the new weapons and armor that you can use to combat other creatures as well as players in Extinction.


The Cryopod is used to freeze and store the creatures that you tame. It can store the creatures in the Ice Cube form. What this does is ensure that you do not fill up tame limits within your tribe and can carry the creatures that you have tamed in your inventory.

Although the pods will be degrading as you move along, they will provide you with an extremely easy way to store and carry these creatures along with you as well as trade them without a hassle.

Since the creature inside is an item as long as it is trapped, anyone can claim it as their own. Meaning that if you put the Cyropod unattended, someone with intent can steal the Cyropod along with all stored creatures.


Simply use the Cryopod on a tamed creature while standing still. You get a status effect known as Cryo Cooldown for some time, and any creature which is summoned during this has ‘Cryo Sickness’.

Just like the fridge works with electricity in real life. The Cyropod also works with the charge that you need to charge regularly. The Cyropod will empty itself in almost 30 days and 60 days if it is put inside the refrigerator.

If you want to slow down the decay of the Cryopod, you can use the Preserving Bin or the Refrigerator. Only the Cryofridge can permanently restore the decay timer.

To be able to spawn in an Empty Cryopod for yourself, you can use the console that is available for you. The command for spawning in the empty cryopod is ‘gfi emptycryopod 1 1 0’.

This is, of course, if you are on single player and want to spawn in the pod for fun.

If you are on another server where you are allowed to use cheats, then all you need to do is to add the word ’cheats’ in front of the command and you will be able to spawn it in.

Dino Leash

The Dino Leash works exactly like a Dog Leash in the real world. Apart from the fact that it tames dinosaurs rather than dogs. Simply use the leash to chain your tamed creature to a certain place and then go do whatever you want.

Because Dino Leash is invisible, therefore you need to charge it with any source of electricity. It will take 4 days to fully discharge the Dino Leash. The range of the leash will determine how long or how high your Dino can go.

There are many ranges that you can select when putting a leash around the Dino. There is a virtual red circle with different sizes. Once the leash is put on, the Dino will stay inside that circle.

Item Balloon

The Item Balloon is used to send items right back to your base. This can be very useful if you have not tamed a Gasbags yet and do not want to lose your items when out in the wild.

Items balloon is the best way to send your loot back to the bases during the mission. You need to make sure that your destination is above ground as the Item Balloons cannot go underground like in caves. You can also track the location of the Item Balloon once it is in the air.

One important thing to remember is that other players can shoot down the balloon and then retrieve your items when they fall to the ground. You also cannot have multiple Item Balloons at the same time

Taxidermy Tool

This tool is very important as it allows you to get the Dermis of any creature which has a harvestable corpse. Remember that you can only collect the Dermis of any creature once and simply hitting a tamed creature will be enough if you want to collect their Dermis.

The Taxidermy Tool is available for you at Level 10 and all you need to be able to craft are 4 Flint, 2 Stone, and 10 Wood.

It is very easy to make the tool since you do not need to go anywhere and can craft it in your inventory. After that, you need to kill an animal so that you can skin it. So go to an animal and start hitting it until it dies.

Once the animal is dead, all you need to do is to whip out your tool and use the left click on the PC to harvest the skin of the animal. You can only collect dermis once from any creature.

After that, you will be able to use that skin to craft a small Taxidermy base. This is covered in our ARK: Survival Evolved Extinction Structures Guide, so better go ahead and check that out to acquaint yourself with the process of making a base.

Unassembled Enforcer

Using this item up in your inventory, you will be able to craft an Enforcer unit for yourself. Simply deploy it by consuming the product. The crafting process can be done inside the City Terminal or Tek Replicator.

You will need other items such as Crystal, Element Dust, Metal Ingot, Oil, and Polymer to craft the Enforcer Unit. The blueprint determines the color and level of Enforcer.

These will wander around you, and only defend you should anyone attack you first. They will not aggressively attack anyone who passes by

Unassembled Mek

This is a robot that can equip weapons to take on other players and deal damage. There are a total of 3 weapons that it can equip as far as we know. They are the M.D.S.M, the M.R.L.M, and the M.S.C.M.

Unassembled Mek will need Elements as a fuel source during the fight and will starve to death otherwise. Getting in and out of the boss arena will deplete a lot of the health. They will need to feed themselves after one arena crossing to do another one.

Whenever you use the Unassembled Mek, it deploys a 20px Mek wherever you are standing. This robot can then be used to fend off both players as well as creatures that come near the device.


MOMI is a tool that is used on your Mek. You can get the MOMI after defeating the Beta King Titan from the body loot. Once you have assembled your Mek, you can use MOMI (which is considered a part of the armor) to create a Mega Mek.

Remember that you need to combine 4 Meks if you are planning to make a Mega Mek. Remember that the Mega Mek itself is a very situational item that can only really be sued during the King Titan Boss Fight.

If you use the Mega Mek outside of the King Titan boss fight, it will only be usable for a short time. Once the time is up, it will self-destruct. And there is no way to craft the MOMI in Ark Extinction.


This is another weapon that can be attached to your Meg once you have assembled it. The main use of this weapon is an offensive one. It can do a decent amount of damage if used properly.

What the MRLM does is that it allows you to fire a bunch of rockets at enemies. Remember that to do this, you need to have Rocket Pod as that is what serves as the ammo for MRLM.

You can use the MRLM when you know there are tons of enemies coming your way but they are not that strong. The projectile launched by the MRLM will cover a 60% radius of the center point. There is no specific posture requirement to use MRLM.

Although the damage dealt by the MRLM is the same regardless of the kind of enemy that it targets, the damage itself is not that much and you may find yourself wanting more, which is why you want to use this at smaller enemies more often than not.

Rocket Pod

As stated above, the Rocket Pod is a piece of ammunition that is used mainly with the M.R.L.M. this is ammo that can be very useful when used against a lot of enemies since it has a lot of spread firepower.

You can craft it at the Tek Replicator which requires you to have the Fabricator, Refining Forge, Mortar and pestle, and Campfire. The materials required to craft the Rocket Pod are cementing paste, crystal, gunpowder, metal ingot, and polymer.

Scout Remote

Deploying the Scout Remote will give you a pair of binoculars, and allow you to control a Scout unit to take a look around for possible hostiles in the area. Scout is a drone-like robot that will scout the area with onboard binoculars.

Nifty and useful for keeping an eye out for enemy griefers, or to scout out areas without necessarily risking your immediate presence. Great for pre-planning.

Tek Gravity Grenade

A very handy blackhole that seems to fit in your pocket. Prime and throw the grenade to -pull everything within a specified radius towards itself, and shoot it out, doing a slight amount of damage in the process.

If you feel like things might be getting a little too heated and/or crowded for your taste, this baby is a perfect way to disperse the enemies ganging up on you and throw them off balance


As the name might make it obvious to you, this is another weapon that the Mek can use. This is a powerful weapon that fires a single shot at one target.

That shot is very destructive and can end up dealing huge damage. To use the MSCM, you will need to have the Cannon Shell as this is what serves as ammo for the weapon. Cannon Shell can be found as body loot from all the Titans.

This weapon is best used when going up against tough enemies with a lot of health such as a mini-boss. Placing this weapon in the right spot can lead to a wealth of advantages as the damage can be of huge assistance in the fight.

Cannon Shell

Like the Rocket Pod, the Cannon Shell is used as a piece of armor with the M.S.C.M. This shell has a lot of damage and can be used to often take down enemies on its own.

The best way to use it is on enemies which are very strong so that you can deal a lot of damage to them and wear them down for yourself. You can find the Cannon Shell is from the body loot of the Titans

It can also be crafted at the Tek Replicator. To be able to craft it, you are going to need a Fabricator, a Refining Forge, a Mortar and pestle, and a Campfire.


This is another very useful piece of armor that can be placed on your Mek. The MDSM is a shield that is sort of like a dome and can protect your Mek from a plethora of different attacks.

Think of it like a forcefield that constantly saps its energy when it is used. It works by forming a dome around the Mek and produces heat when working.

The most important thing to remember is that once it is unequipped, it will reduce the durability of your Mek. This shield will not protect any type of creature or dino.

If you do have the shield and have the energy required to use it, you cannot go wrong with equipping it and having that extra layer of protection on your Mek.

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