Ark Extinction Oil, Silica And Black Pearls Locations

Oil, Silica Pearls, and Black Pearls are some of the essential resources that you will find in the Ark Extinction. These resources don’t spawn in too many locations, and finding them can get a little challenging job for you if you don’t know where to look.

We have prepared this guide to take you through all the locations where you can find Oil, Silica Pearls, and Black Pearls in Ark Extinction.

ARK Extinction oil, silica, and black pearls locations

These resources are essential in crafting many vital items in Ark Extinction. The map below shows you the best spots to find these resources in Ark Extinction.

Ark Extinction Oil, Silica and Black Pearls Locations

Location #1

The first location where you can find Oil is at the following coordinates:

  • 73.2 LAT
  • 38.6 LON

It is an area right next to the black water in the lower half of the map. Here you will find a lot of small rocks on the beach area around the water. Smash these rocks, and you will gather a lot of Oil in no time.


Location #2

The second location to find Oil in Ark Extinction is at the following coordinates.

  • 3.4 LAT
  • 42.7 LON

After getting to the abovementioned coordinates, you will find some oil rock in the mushroom red zone area. It is not a rich area to gather Oil, but still, you can get some reasonable amount.

How to craft silica and black pearls in ARK Extinction

When it comes to Silica and Black Pearls, the best technique you can follow is to craft them using your Gachas. If you don’t have Gachas, you can go to the Forest biome and tame some from there.

Always try to have pairs of Gachas. To craft Silica and Black Pearls using Gachas, go to the radial Wheel and select production. A complete list of resources Gacha can craft will appear in front of you.

From here, you can select Silica and Black Pearls. After that, move food into its inventory, and it will start producing the Pearls or any other resource you choose.

Taking out the corrupted creature in Ark Extinction can also get you some of these resources, but it is not an efficient way.

It is not guaranteed that you will find some Silica and Black Pearls every time you take out a corrupted creature. We recommend using Gachas for crafting these resources, but you can also try corrupted creatures.

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