Ark Extinction Gems Locations

In Ark Extinction, Blue Crystallized Sap and Red Crystallized Sap acts as the Blue and Red Gems, respectively. Ark Extinction also contains Fragmented Green Gems.

White-leaved trees, often known as fungal trees, could be harvested for blue gems. Red-leaved trees, sometimes called Blood-Ridden Trees, are a source of red gems. The city’s blue crystal formations contain Green Fragmented gems, which may be gathered most successfully with a metal pick or an Ankylosaurus. Gacha crystals could also be used to get them.

This guide will cover all of your questions related to Gems Farming Locations including the types of gems that you can find in Ark Extinction.

Ark Extinction gems farming locations

Just beyond the Sanctuary’s southern wall, in the Wasteland, are several Fungal Trees. To gather Blue Gems, you may utilize a Metal Pick, Stone Pick, Chainsaw, or even a Therizinosaurus. The Sanctuary area is marked on the map below:

Ark Extinction Gems Locations

The Northern region of The Wasteland has Blood-Ridden Trees, which are abundantly observed at Corrupted Den. A Gacha Crystal could also yield Red Gems. The use of a Chainsaw or a metal hatchet is the most efficient method of harvesting Red Gems.

The main source of farming Red Gems is Blood Ridden Trees and they are mostly found in the Corrupted Den area in the Forbidden Zone. The Corrupted Den area is marked on the map below:

Ark Extinction Gems Locations

As you’d know by now that you can also get Red Gems from Gacha Crystals. To find those Gacha Crystals, you will need to find Gachas in Ark Extinction. The General spawn locations of Gachas in Ark Extinction are marked on the map below:

Ark Extinction Gems Locations

In Snow Dome, Fragmented Green Gems can be located. Climbing Pick cannot be made or repaired with Green Gems, although Element, Basilisk Saddle, Glow Stick, Gasoline, and Roll Rat Saddle can. The Snow Dome area is marked on the map below:

Some of the best locations to farm all three Gems on Ark Extinction are mentioned below:

Red gems locations

Red Gems can be farmed in Ark Extinction at the following coordinates:

  • 8 LAT and 43.7 LON
  • 39.4 LAT and 70.3 LON
  • 19.3 LAT and 54.5 LON
  • 0 LAT and 50.3 LON

Green gems locations

Head over to the coordinates mentioned below to farm Green Gems in Ark Extinction:

  • 54.4 LAT and 43.3 LON
  • 27.9 LAT and 77.2

Blue gems locations

Go to the following coordinates to farm Blue Gems in the Ark Extinction:

  • 13 LAT and 27 LON
  • 33.1 LAT and 66.1 LON

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