Ark Crystal Isles Crystal Wyvern Queen Location

In this Ark Crystal Isles guide, players will get an idea of where to find the Crystal Wyvern Queen and how to tame it.

Crystal Wyvern Queen is a very powerful boss you’ll come across in Ark Crystal Isles. A huge Crystal Wyvern with crystals covering her head, back, and shoulders, as well as a tool-like helmet on her skull. She is also unique among Wyverns in that her pupils are dilated, giving the appearance of being completely black also her wings’ membranes have a distinctive pattern.

Despite being restricted to one of three nests and only able to switch positions by flying over, the Crystal Wyvern Queen is incredibly hazardous due to her enormous size and a variety of breath attacks. When she is in the flight phase, you can place your tames in a corner, where she will attempt to dive bomb them and you will be able to deal damage.

In this Ark Crystal Isles guide, players will get an idea of where to find these Crystal Wyvern Queens and how to tame this extremely aggressive creature.

Ark Crystal Isles Crystal Wyvern Queen Location

In Ark Crystal Isles, Crystal Wyvern Queen is found in Crystal Wyvern Queen Arena. The Obelisks and Supply Crates are the only ways to enter this arena.

The requirements to enter this Arena are fairly severe. To access this, the player must be level 100. The arena can hold a maximum of 10 survivors and 20 animals. Only 20 creatures can be warped in at any given moment to the arena itself each warp in Tek Cave, which allows a maximum of 10 survivors and 40 creatures.

Crystal Wyvern Queen is perhaps the strongest boss. Since they are immune to their breath attacks, the crystal wyvern queen wouldn’t occasionally affect a particular sort of wyvern. Try aiming for 30k HP because that is plenty for the majority of bosses.

How to Tame Crystal Wyvern Queen

The Crystal Wyvern Queen dragon is a powerful and dangerous one. It can only be forced to become domesticated. The queen can be mounted after being forced to be tamed, but you cannot pick up players because the attack would result in bloodshed.

The Crystal Wyvern Queen initially uses a variety of breath attacks from the other Wyvern species to repel assailants while she is still in her nest. She will continue to lay colorful eggs in her nest throughout this time, and when they hatch, they will become Crystal Wyvern Heir, which will grow quickly and serve as her minions. When approached, she will also attack by biting or even flapping her wings to get away.

She will start flying around the arena once she has lost a certain level of health, periodically using different breath attacks. The Wyvern queen obtains a new breath attack during this phase that replenishes her HP by sucking health from anything it strikes. She will settle in another nest and resume the previous phase if she has reached a particular HP level.

After that, she will resume flying once her HP has returned to a predetermined level. She still has all of her previous attacks during this phase, plus she may now lay eggs while flying, which will simultaneously spawn minions. She will continue doing this till she is finally tamed.

Although Tropeognathus, Argentavis, Deinonychus, Woolly Rhinos, and several other dinosaurs can also be used by players, Therizinosaurs are the best dinosaur for taming a Crystal Wyvern Queen.

Because of their enormous damage output and the fact that Sweet Vegetable Cake can heal them, therizinosaurs are among the best choices. They can tame the queen as a result of this and keep practically all of their health.


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