Ark Crystal Isles Crystal Wyvern Heir Location and Taming

Read this detailed guide to learn about the spawn locations and habits of Crystal Wyvern Heir in Ark Crystal Isles.

Crystal Wyvern Heir is a very dangerous and hostile creature in Ark Crystal Isles. They are super aggressive and get irritated very easily whenever you go near them. This Ark Crystal Isles guide has all the details which will help understand this aggressive creature in the game.

Crystal Wyvern is found in the Dessert Wyvern Hive in Ark Crystal Isle. It’s a dangerous place where many survivors could die. In contrast to the docile Crystal wyverns, the heirs have a high degree of aggression.

Ark Crystal Isles Crystal Wyvern Heir Location

Wyverns work together and will attack you once an egg has been taken. Flyers are advised to search for eggs on outcroppings high in the air. When you steal an egg, be alert for ground creatures like spinosaurs and look for breaks in the wall in case you have to land.

To be clear, the eggs are not wyvern heirs, as they will hatch into normal crystal wyverns, not heir wyverns. There is some information that these eggs will produce heirs, but this is incorrect.

Ark Crystal Isles Crystal Wyvern Heir Location and Taming

In the map image above, the region marked in red indicates the spawn region of Crystal Wyvern heir. These creatures usually surround this region to protect their eggs. The chance of surviving against them is very thin as whenever you try to take their eggs, they attack you in a group and that results in your inevitable death.


Crystal Wyvern heir usually spawns in the area marked above. To be precise, we have mentioned their coordinates as well.

LAT: 76.0 LON: 42.0

It is not possible to tame Crystal Wyvern in Ark Crystal Wyvern and if you try, you will die a painful death.

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