Ark Crystal Isles Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern Location and Taming

This guide will demonstrate how and where you can tame the Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern if you're eager to tame one in Ark Crystal Isles.

Another ferocious monster you’ll come across in Ark Crystal Isles is the Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern. The standard Blood Crystal Wyvern has been upgraded into the larger, more powerful Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern. Alphas are very hostile and strike upon sighting with their blood-sucking healing strike.

The Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern is bigger than the Crystal Wyvern Queen and has noticeable crystals on its back. It also has a special blood effect floating around it.

This guide will demonstrate how and where you can tame the Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern if you’re eager to tame one in Ark Crystal Isles and construct a mobile base on its back.

Ark Crystal Wyvern Isles Alpha Blood Crystal Location

The general spawn map for Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern is given below:

Ark Crystal Isles Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern Location and Taming

Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern is found in two major locations on the map. You can find Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern between the following range of coordinates:

  • 48.03°Lat, 56.9°Long to 58.1°Lat, 66.38°Long
  • 52.91° Lat, 30.44° Long to 61.46°Lat, 36.54°Long

How to Tame Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern

Two methods exist for obtaining a Crystal Wyvern:

  • By growing Crystal Wyverns of the Heir kind from eggs that were taken from their nest.
  • By using Crystal or Primal Crystal to passively tame them from any location. The former is conceivable, but the latter is speedier and more successful.

The list of things you may need to tame your Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern is as follows:

  • Crystal
  • Primal Crystal

Unlike the majority of other carnivores, baby wyverns cannot be given raw meat; nonetheless, their food drops much more slowly. They may want Primal Crystal while imprinting and need it to improve their food intake.

Primal Crystal

Primal Crystal feeds the infant Crystal Wyvern 350 food rather than 1200. Roughly 1 unit of food is consumed per 10 seconds by a developing baby Wyvern or 360 units in an hour.

This indicates that a single Primal Crystal feeding will keep a young Crystal Wyvern alive for 58 minutes. Like other dinosaurs, a Crystal Wyvern grows older and consumes more slowly.

A Crystal Wyvern must be knocked out to collect Primal Crystal. The Crystal is then just collected from the knocked down body. Depending on the wyvern’s level, different amounts of crystal can be found within, with greater levels more probably to have greater crystal growing on them.

To make Crystal Wyvern harvesting simpler, cages may be constructed and used to capture the creatures. Be warned that re-putting down trapped crystal Wyvern does not instantly yield more crystal. Every hour, Crystal Wyverns replenish their lost crystal.

The highest amount of food a freshly born Crystal Wyvern can store, despite the dinosaur’s stats stating that it can retain thousands of pounds, maybe as little as 350 pounds. As a result, infant Wyverns at lower ranks will never be able to consume crystal by themselves and will instead require force-feedings of Primal Crystal till they can contain over 350 calories.

Crystal Wyverns may be tamed without the use of tranquilizers, except for Heirs and Alphas. When nearby, you can feed them with Crystal or Primal Crystal.

You should be aware that they tend to fly quickly, making it challenging to tame them without inciting violence.

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