ARK Aberration Shinehorn Location and Taming Guide

Read on to find out everything from how to tame Shinehorn, how to utilize his kit and its location in Ark Aberration.

Shinehorn is one of the new creatures that has been introduced through the Aberration update of ARK. Like all other creatures in the game, Shinehorn has a taming process that is different from other creatures in the game, which can make it a little more difficult to tame it.

This Ark Aberration Shinehorn Location and Taming Guide will tell you everything that you need to do if you want to tame Shinehorn and use it for your purposes along with its spawn locations. Read on to find out everything from how to tame Shinehorn, how to utilize its kit and its location.

Ark Aberration Shinehorn Location

The top sections of the cave are where Shinehorn is normally discovered. They are relatively calm and pose little danger to survivors. For this reason, they make a great pet for just about any survivor. Its existence will undoubtedly make your day better, whether it gives charged light from your shoulder or bounds up alongside you in good fun.

The general spawn map for Shinehorn for Ark Aberration is given below:

ARK Aberration Shinehorn

How to Tame Shinehorn

Shinehorn is a passive creature and provides you with light. It is also extremely easy to tame when compared with other creatures since it is passive and does not require a lot of nurturing. The Shinehorn should be trained without the use of force since it cannot be trained using the typical tranquilize-and-feed techniques.

Before we start taming the creature, what you need to ensure is that you have found some plant species Z seed or the Aggeravic mushrooms. Once you have any one of these, put it in your tenth slot and get ready to tame the Shinehorn.

Go up to the Shinehorn and press E. That is pretty much it. You have tamed the Shinehorn. That was quite hard, right?

Once you have the Shinehorn, press E to put it on your shoulder (after you name it of course). Now you have a brand new light source to walk through the forests at the night.

Apart from providing light, you have good light recharge stats which can be leveled up. Use the light through the context window by petting it to toggle the light on and off.

Secondly, there’s a list of a particular food that you must provide Shinehorn with. Without food, Shinehorn is unable to level up. Each evolution requires a different quantity of food.

What to feed

At level 1, Shinehorn must be fed 2 Plant Species Z Seed, 10 Aggeravic Mushroom, 35 Sweet Vegetable Cake, 687 Amarberry Seed, and 858 Citronal Seed.

The Shinehorn must be fed 4 Plant Species Z Seed, 17 Aggeravic Mushroom, 63 Sweet Vegetable Cake, 1258 Amarberry Seed, and 1572 Citronal Seed at level 30.

At level 60, Shinehorn must be fed 5 Plant Species Z Seed, 25 Aggeravic Mushroom, 93 Sweet Vegetable Cake, 1849 Amarberry Seed, and 2311 Citronal Seed.

The Shinehorn must be fed 7 Plant Species Z Seed, 33 Aggeravic Mushroom, 122 Sweet Vegetable Cake, 2440 Amarberry Seed, and 3050 Citronal Seed at level 90.

At level 120, Shinehorn must be fed 8 Plant Species Z Seed, 41 Aggeravic Mushroom, 152 Sweet Vegetable Cake, 3031 Amarberry Seed, and 3788 Citronal Seed.

The Shinehorn must be fed 10 Plant Species Z Seed, 49Aggeravic Mushroom, 182 Sweet Vegetable Cake, 3622 Amarberry Seed, and 4527 Citronal Seed at level 150

Once you’re Shinehorn is fully grown, you should feed him Berries. Just make sure to bring additional supply since these values are used ideally.

Lastly, Shinehorn can detect high-level creatures and enemy players in the nearby vicinity. This feature is already enabled and you do not need to do anything to activate it.

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