ARK Aberration Glider Suit Crafting Guide

ARK Aberration Glider Suit Crafting Guide to help you learn all about crafting the Glider Suit, finding Blue Gems, and using it to soar above Aberration.

The Glider Suit has a lot of use in ARK Aberration, for reasons that should be obvious to any person with a brain. However, the Glider Suit requires Blue Gems which can be a little tricky to farm, thus making the process of Glider Suit Crafting way more complicated than it has to be. This ARK Aberration Glider Suit Crafting Guide will tell you all about the quick way to find the materials for the suit. Read on to find out how you can effortlessly float like a bird as you hover over the Aberration skies.

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ARK Aberration Glider Suit Crafting

You can craft the Glider Suit after you get to Level 62. All the materials for it are quite easy to find except the Blue Gems. Once you have all of the other materials, you can focus on getting the Blue Gems. Let’s find out how!

Like all materials in ARK, Blue Gems can be farmed in multiple ways but the easiest one is to go to 37 latitude and 53 longitude. Here you can easily find a ton of Blue Gems.

The area should allow you to farm enough Blue Gems to craft a Glider Suit and a Hazard Suit – two of the suits that will probably be quintessential to exploring the new Aberration area.

How to Craft and How to Use
Apart from the coveted Blue Gems, you will also need to find Metal, Hide, and Fiber. These materials are not that hard to find and if you were smart enough to make it to Level 62, you will be able to find these materials without running into a lot of problems.


Once you have crafted the Glider Suit, you will realize that it is not a full body armor but rather just for your chest. You can attach it as a skin to your chest piece and then use it.

Its main purpose is to glide across the terrain. Remember that this skin, unlike Redbull, does not give you wings. You need to atop a high mountain peak or any other area where you can jump down and then use this suit to soar above the wilderness.

To activate the glide, you need to press the spacebar twice and then just glide wherever it is you want to go, remember to practice gliding in open areas before you enter those congested spaces which can cause a collision and result in your death.

Holding the Shift button will enable you to control your pitch upwards or downwards in order to climb or dive, which will affect your gliding speed.

If you press the jump button/spacebar while you’re gliding, the Glider Suit will be turned off. You can toggle it on again while you’re falling.

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