Ark Aberration Alpha Karkinos Location and Taming Guide

This guide will cover complete details about finding and taming the Alpha Karkinos in Ark Aberration to make things easier for you.

Alpha Karkinos in Ark Aberration are much like normal Karkinos but a little bigger. It is covered with red and orange clouds, making it easier for you to differentiate between normal Karkinos and Alpha Karkinos. Most players think you cannot tame an Alpha Karkinos, but you can force tame it.

This guide will cover complete details about finding and taming the Alpha Karkinos in Ark Aberration.

Where to Find Alpha Karkinos in Ark Aberration

Usually, you will find Alpha Karkinos close to the water as it is a land creature. The best location to look for it is Rivers of Artifact Caves. The chances of finding the normal and Alpha Karkinos are high in these caves.

Ark Aberration Alpha Karkinos Location

You can also check out the map above to see all the Alpha Karkinos spawn locations in Ark Aberration.

How to Tame an Alpha Karkinos

You can only force tame this creature in Ark Aberration; to do so, you will need a solid plan. It is an aggressive creature that will follow you once you reach its range.

You have to use its aggression to trap it. First, find a place close to its spawn location where you think you can trap it. After that, you can build some stone pillars on all sides but leave one side open to make Alpha Karkinos enter it.

Once the trap is ready, go towards the Alpha Karkinos, and they will start to follow and attack you. Now run through the trap you set up, and right after it enters, build another stone pillar and close the open side. You can make some more pillars now to prevent it from escaping.

Now you have a trapped Alpha Karkinos that is not going anywhere. Now your job is to aggro it as much as possible and continue attacking using a catapult.

You need a higher platform to hit it inside the trap. Just continue to do that, and the beast will finally knock out.

Once knocked out, empty its inventory and let it starve for some time. After that, you can move food like spoiled meat or kibble into its inventory to tame it. Revisit it after some time, and hopefully, you will find tamed Karkinos ready to be named.

If you don’t want to tame it, you can kill it using high-level Spino and Megalosaurus. You will get the following items as a drop for killing an Alpha Karkinos in Ark Aberration.

  • Alpha Karkinos Claw
  • Chitin
  • Organic Polymer
  • Raw Meat
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