ARK Aberration Karkinos Location and Taming Guide

Karkinos are aggressive creatures in Ark Aberration, mostly wandering around the waters in large numbers.  They drop very useful resources such as Chitin, Organic polymer, and Raw meat. Once tamed the Kakinos have many benefits such as it can perform many different tasks, can assist in combat due to their area control and sharp claws, and can act as an animal transporter as well.

The following guide highlights the location of Karkinos in Ark Aberration and provides detailed information on how to tame them.

Ark Aberration Karkinos Location

The following map highlights the locations where Karkinos spawn in Ark Aberration:

ARK Aberration Karkinos Location


The first location of Karkinos in Ark Aberration is at the following coordinates:

  • 22 LAT
  • 77 LON

This location is in the North-East region of the map called the Surface. The surface is rich in oil and metal. Use a tamed Ravager, Gigantopithecus, or a Rock Drake to explore the area for Karkinos and prefer the nighttime for exploration.


The second location of Karkinos in Ark Aberration is at the following coordinates:

  • 50 LAT
  • 25 LON

An old railway cave is located at these coordinates. This cave has medium difficulty and is one of the best areas to find Karkinos. Proceed to the cave on Ravagers as they can easily handle the Karkinos.

How to tame Karkinos

Karkinos is a massive crab that can be tricky to tame. Even the dream rifle cannot one-shot a crab, that should explain how difficult it can be to tame them.

There are three different ways with which you can tame a Karkinos and each way differs in strategy. Here they are:

The Knock-out Strategy

You cannot knock out a Karkinos using arrows, dart, or animal torpor, the best way to knock it out is using a catapult or a cannon but don’t aim it at the limbs as that would do more damage and you would have to wait for it to recover.

A single cannon shot to the face can knock it out but it is difficult to aim a cannon accurately and the ammo for the cannon is expensive so it is best if you have a catapult but if you can position the cannon; it is a great option as well. This works even better if you use the next strategy.

Trap Strategy

You need to set up a trap down below in the water to tame it. Make sure the trap is set up in a way that he cannot escape. A bear trap surrounded by walls should do the trick.

Next lure the Karkinos (like you do when trying to tame a Giga) into the trap. Once he is trapped inside the trap. Now set up a catapult to move on to the next part of the taming process.

It might be a good idea to have a catapult ready near your trap before you lure in the Karkinos. You need to make sure that you only hit the Karkinos in the head or the body and not on the claws. Hitting the Karkinos on the claws will render them dead and you will have to start all over again.

Keep on shooting the Karkinos until you tame it. The higher the level of the Karkinos, the more hits it will take before it is knocked out. Once you have knocked out the Karkinos, it will be in your control and will be tamed.

Paracer Strategy

Use a platform saddle and place a catapult turret on top of it. Use paracer which would be the perfect one for our purpose in aberration.

If you position the catapult behind the seat, the catapult would shoot directly down the rear of the paracer, and that is where the Karakinos would be if you are facing away from it.

If you aim carefully you would be able to knock it out easily using this strategy and then you can tame it afterward using feed it turtle kibble or spoilt meat. You can also use raw meat if you don’t have those

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