Anthem’s Decreasing Player Count is Now Causing Matchmaking Problems

BioWare's Anthem is now facing matchmaking issues because most of the players have stopped playing the game due to its persistent issues.

BioWare’s Anthem continues to struggle as the players are now facing matchmaking problems in the game. This is because of the constant decrease in the number of active players in Anthem.

Forbes reported this issue recently saying that the interest in the game is decreasing at a very high rate because of BioWare delaying most of the features from its Anthem 90-day roadmap. Because of this, active players of Anthem are now finding it hard to find players in the game since the game comes with independent matchmaking for almost every activity in the game.

Anthem is now struggling to match players with a full team for various activities and difficulties. In addition to that, the problem arises the most when you are doing activities or missions on a higher difficulty.

This results in players starting a mission without the full team and the worst thing is that there are not any players added once the mission begins leaving you stuck inside all on your own. That is something you won’t want to happen as some missions on higher difficulty are impossible to be done alone by a single player.

Another issue is that playing on higher difficulties in Anthem such as Grand Master 2 and Grand Master 3 is of very little use. GM 2 and GM 3 also require a full team to play so everyone is just staying away.

Furthermore, the time required to complete missions on a higher difficulty takes two or three times greater than that required on a lower difficulty. It’s the reason why players are now just replaying missions on lower difficulties, therefore finding teammates on higher difficulties is now increasingly hard to do so.

We can do nothing but hope that BioWare does something to resolve matchmaking issues in the game. This can be achieved by increasing rewards/loot on higher difficulties to attract players and resolve the lack of players.

This can also be one of Anthem’s issues that BioWare is now prioritizing to solve first, instead of releasing new content. Looking at the current situation of the game, there will soon be no players left to test out the features of the game despite the announcement of the PC test server.

Anthem is not dead yet but apparently, there’s nothing that Electronic Arts and BioWare can do now to revive the game.

EA’s Anthem is now available to play on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

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