Anthem to Have Matchmaking for Every Activity On by Default

Lead producer Ben Irving has now revealed that Anthem will have matchmaking for all activities and it will be on by default.

BioWare is busy at work as the release date of Anthem reaches closer. Developers of Anthem have shown us some stunning gameplay along with new information. This continues as the Lead producer has now shared that matchmaking in Anthem is available for every activity.

As we all know, Anthem is an online only game. But if you don’t have friends then don’t worry as you can play Anthem with matchmaking on. The matchmaking support in Anthem is available for every activity so you won’t have to do anything alone. This will also make so objectives a lot easier.

Lead producer Ben Irving replied to a Twitter question by saying “there is matchmaking for every activity in the game.” Matchmaking in Anthem will be on by default but if you don’t want it, you can turn it off.

Match making by default, you can opt out. We think it’s more fun in a full group

You can also check out the Storm Javelin in the new Anthem gameplay trailer here. The Storm Javelin is one of the different classes you can choose from and most likely to be your favorite if you like to do things quickly. But like everything, The Storm Javelin class comes with disadvantages. The Storm Javelin is very open to fire, easy to locate and can be turned down relatively quickly as compared to others. The Storm Javelin allows you to stay in the air for longer and travel easily though.

Previously, Michael Gamble talked about the “Legendary Contracts” of Anthem in detail. He revealed that these “Legendary Contracts” are “repeatable, dynamic, endgame content which takes you out into the world to satisfy certain objectives. They are hella difficult. Though the (Non-legendary) Contracts are given to you earlier as an attempt to train you.”

Also, your single player space in Anthem won’t be vastly different from others. There will be some changes but don’t expect yours to be very different because basically, it’s the same.

In other news, Anthem VIP Demo release dates are here. To play Anthem VIP Demo on the release date, you are required to be a member of EA Origin Access or EA Access. EA Origin Access, and EA Access members will receive an exclusive a 16-digit code to access Anthem VIP demo on the release date.

EA Origin Access and EA Access members will be able to play Anthem VIP Demo starting on January 23. There’s no information about the file size of this demo yet. BioWare has now also revealed the minimum and recommended specs required to play Anthem on PC.

NVIDIA RTX 2060 is recommended to get the best possible experience when playing Anthem. If you are not convinced, check out Anthem gameplay trailer here which shows Anthem running on NVIDIA RTX 2060. Getting NVIDIA RTX 2060 right now will also grant you free access to Anthem so it’s not a bad deal at all. You can check out the system requirements for Anthem on PC here before it arrives.

To play Anthem online, you are required to have Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus membership.

Anthem by EA and BioWare is scheduled to release on February 22 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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