Animal Crossing New Horizons Fossils Guide

There is a huge variety of Fossils that can be found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These fossils can then be sold for high values and can also be displayed at the Museum. This guides covers the complete list of all the Fossils available in the Animal Crossing as well as how to get fossils these fossils.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fossils

The first requirement to dig for the fossils is a Shovel. You can purchase a shovel and then equip it to your tools slot.

Your next step be should be searching for star-shaped cracks in the ground. These appear 4 times a day in different locations, so you will have to wander all-around your island in search of them.

Once you have found a spot, start digging it. Digging it up fully will get you any of the mentioned fossils from the list, which you can then take to the museum and have it checked.

You will not be able to know which type of fossil have you obtained until you get it checked at the museum.

If you have found a fossil for the first time, the Blathers in the museum will ask you to donate the fossil. You can donate a fossil here then, or you can choose to sell it to get a pretty decent amount of cash.


However, it is better to donate every first copy of a fossil to complete your museum, as you will keep getting duplicates of these fossils while digging up your island.

You can then sell those duplicates without any regrets as they are not needed at the museum.

Below is a list of all the fossils in the game which you can collect to complete your collection as well as their selling prices. Considering how well they sell, they can be a great way to farm Bells once you get duplicate of a fossil.

Fossil Name Price (Bells)
Ammonite 1100 bells
Ankylo Skull 3500 bells
Ankylo Tail 2500 bells
Ankylo Torso 3000 bells
Apato Skull 5000 bells
Apato Tail 4000 bells
Apato Torso 4500 bells
Archaeopteryx 1300 bells
Archelon Skull 4000 bells
Archelon Torso 3500 bells
Coprolite 1100 bells
Dimetrodon Skull 5500 bells
Dimetrodon Tail 4500 bells
Dimetrodon Torso 5000 bells
Dinosaur Egg 1400 bells
Dinosaur Track 1000 bells
Diplo Chest 4500 bells
Diplo Hip 4000 bells
Diplo Neck 5000 bells
Diplo Skull 5000 bells
Diplo Tail 4500 bells
Fern fossil 1000 bells
Icthyo Skull 2500 bells
Icthyo Torso 2000 bells
Iguanodon Skull 4000 bells
Iguanodon Tail 3000 bells
Iguanodon Torso 3500 bells
Mammoth Skull 3000 bells
Mammoth Torso 2500 bells
Megacero Skull 4500 bells
Megacero Tail 3000 bells
Megacero Torso 3500 bells
Pachy Skull 4000 bells
Pachy Tail 3000 bells
Pachy Torso 3500 bells
Parasaur Skull 3500 bells
Parasaur Tail 2500 bells
Parasaur Torso 3000 bells
Peking Man 1100 bells
Plesio Neck 4500 bells
Plesio Skull 4000 bells
Plesio Torso 4500 bells
Ptera Left Wing 4500 bells
Ptera Right Wing 4500 bells
Ptera Skull 4000 bells
Raptor Skull 3000 bells
Raptor Torso 2500 bells
Sabertooth Skull 2500 bells
Sabertooth Torso 2000 bells
Shark Tooth 1000 bells
Spino Skull 4000 bells
Spino Tail 2500 bells
Spino Torso 3000 bells
Stego Skull 5000 bells
Stego Tail 4000 bells
Stego Torso 4500 bells
Styraco Skull 3500 bells
Styraco Tail 2500 bells
Styraco Torso 3000 bells
T-Rex Skull 6000 bells
T-Rex Tail 5000 bells
T-Rex Torso 5500 bells
Tricera Skull 5500 bells
Tricera Tail 4500 bells
Tricera Torso 5000 bells
Trilobite 1300 bells