Angry Overwatch Fans Petitioning for Guns to Be Removed Like Tracer’s Butt Shot

Tons of Overwatch fans have launched a petition against removal of The Tracer's victory pose for being a butt shot, saying all guns should be removed too.

The character development in Overwatch is so perfect that there is something for everyone in them, however, Blizzard Entertainment felt the need to censor Tracer’s victory pose that was criticized by some for being just a butt shot.

This was not received very well by a large number of fans, and just like Street Fighter 5 fans did in the case of R. Mika’s buttslap being censored, these guys have also started a petition, but differently.

Angry Overwatch Fans Launch Petition for Removal of All Guns from the Game

Pissed at what they think is an act of caving in to useless demands, the fans have started a mock-campaign asking Blizzard Entertainment to also remove all guns from the game to stop the “brutality.” The petition itself is worth a read:

Thanks to brave community organizers, Jeff Kaplan and Blizzard has finally done the right thing and removed a horribly sexist and offensive “victory pose” from a she-character known as “The Tracer.”

While this is a good start, we in the gaming community still have many concerns about the upcoming Overwatch game, including the use of guns to violently kill other players, sometimes even going as far as shooting each other in the head.

We, the gaming community, would like to put a stop to this brutality. Please sign this petition if you agree. If we can cleanse Overwatch of all of it’s problematic guns and sexuality, we will finally have a first person shooter that we can play with our entire family.

Obviously, there are different opinions on the matter among the fans. Some think that this was not the right decision, others say that it was just a small change that doesn’t matter, and then there are some who think it was the right thing to do.

Do keep in mind that game director Jeff Kaplan insists “this wasn’t pandering or caving,” and that it was “the right call from [their] perspective. But the 9,497 supporters (out of the 10,000 required for the petition) do not consider it to be sexist at all.

Do you think that The Tracer’s victory pose should not have been removed from Overwatch? Tell us why?

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