Street Fighter 5: R. Mika Butt Slap Move Censored by Capcom

Street Fighter 5 developers have censored the R. Mika move where she teases opponents with a butt slap alongside another move.

It is a sad day today, because all our hopes of seeing R. Mika butt slap herself in the Street Fighter 5 have been tarnished by none other than Capcom itself.

If you are unsure of what we are talking about, refer to the gallery below. There is one move with a critical art that most of the game’s fans have really liked; it is where R. Mika taunts her opponent by planting a sleazy slap on her butt before pointing at the opponent.

This would have been good stuff, but it won’t be since the developers have sort of censored the specific critical art. While they have not changed it, they have shifted the camera a little higher so that the audience does not get to see her hand slapping her butt. The sound is still there.

Not only that, the developers have also tweaked one move where R. Mika alongside her partner character lift the opponent upside down with his/ her legs apart; the newer version doesn’t show the opponent’s legs being pulled apart.

Here are the before and after comparisons of both the changes:

That being said, Street Fighter 5 is slated for release to PC and S4 on February 16, 2016in US and on February 18, 2016 in Japan.

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