How To Get The Sawed-Off Shotgun Code In Alan Wake 2

It comes with only two shells.

The good old boomstick is a very handy and reliable weapon that deals insane amounts of damage. In Alan Wake 2, you’ll come across a chance to get the sawed-off shotgun for yourself near the first boss fight with Nightingale, but you need to figure out a code as it is locked behind a display case.

Where to find the sawed-off shotgun?

The sawed-off shotgun can be found in the abandoned General Store near Cauldron Lake. This is the first of the ‘bigger’ locations that you can explore. The store is located just beside the murder site at Cauldron Lake. 

When you make it back to Cauldron Lake after a brief visit to town, you need to head right into the general store. It is a withered-out store that is probably lurking with things.

The map location of the general store in Alan Wake 2.

Enter through the main entrance (not the washing machines) and turn left into the general store. Keep walking and making your way to the back side of the store but be wary of jump scares along the way.

You might (or will) get attacked by a cult member. Pointing your flashlight at him and cranking the brightness up will leave him vulnerable. Kill him and then proceed to go into the office where he came from. Here, you will find the shotgun enclosed in a display case. You will also find a pouch to increase your inventory size, which is a priceless upgrade in Alan Wake 2.

Sawed-off shotgun code and puzzle solution

We will now tell you exactly how to obtain the shotgun code in Alan Wake 2, but if you want to quickly get your hands on the gun and move on to fight Nightingale, the code is 7-3-9.


For the rest of you still here and actually interested in how we got this code: First off, when you inspect the note near the lock, you will find “Check with Lady Fortuna”, which is a clue. 

Next up, you need to make your way back to the counter. There, you need to look at the notepad and a Token. That is your lottery ticket- your “Lady Fortuna”.

Lady Fortune is a lottery ticket with the shotgun code in Alan Wake 2.

The notepad will have 4 numbers 705, 713, 717, and 723 written and crossed out, followed by “Don’t Forget!!! Update code”. The token will have the digits 05, 13, 17, 23, 39, and 45 written on it. 

You can now put two and two together and see that 7 is a common number, and the other two are either 39 or 45. Going sequentially, you will put in the code 7-3-9 which is the shotgun code. 

Be aware that in Alan Wake 2 every bit of equipment you get is important and useful for a certain time. This shotgun only contains 2 shells, so we recommend that you save them for the upcoming boss fight.

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