Alan Wake 2: Room 665 (Oceanview Hotel) Walkthrough

Oceanview Hotel is a maze that you must navigate to reach Room 665.

Room 665 is one of the most mind-bending chapters in Alan Wake 2, tasking you to solve the mysterious murder site mystery of the Oceanview Hotel in order to get out of the Dark Place.

Chapter 5 – Room 665 is designed like a maze. It is not linear at all, which is why you are likely to struggle to find the right path.

We’ve compiled a complete walkthrough guide for the Room 665 chapter which includes all the main and extra tasks you can perform for a 100% completion run.

How to enter the Oceanview Hotel in Alan Wake 2

After hitting the streets of New York, your objective will change to finding access to the Oceanview Hotel. This may seem like an easy task but barging directly through the doors of Oceanview Hotel will cause the Dark Place to puke you out as the Hotel is running in a loop.

Instead, look for a neon sign that reads Mirror Peak Bar located in an alley adjacent to Caldera Street and Oceanview Avenue. As you enter the alley, Alex Cassey will jump Alan and a cut scene will roll out. Once the cut scene ends walk straight through the door that has a Mirror Peak Bar sign neon sign above it.

As you exit the door, you’ll find a ladder placed on the left. Climb down the ladder and follow the stairs that lead you toward a platform with cardboard boxes placed on the floor.


Use your angel lamp and transform the nearby cardboard boxes into scaffoldings. Crawl underneath the scaffolding and use the ladder in front of you to climb up the roof.

On the roof, you’ll face a few shadows and Taken attacking you, defeat them, and use your flashlight to remove the Darkness that’s blocking the door.

The door leads to the other section of the roof. Beyond the door, you’ll be able to find a small tent made up of cardboard, crawl through the tent, and follow along the path to find a Break Room.

A ladder will be placed outside of the Break Room, climb up the ladder, and enter through the door. Use your angle Lamp once again to transform the area to the Ocean View Hotel’s rooftop entrance.

The Oceanview Hotel door codes

Once you’ve found the entrance to the Oceanview Hotel, insert the code 2-5-5-0 to unlock the doors. The codes for the door can be found by solving the puzzle in the bar. There will be a drinks menu hung beside the bar shelf. The code for the entrance will be the price of Oceanview Cocktail of $25.50.

After solving the bar puzzle, take your angle lamp out to transform the bar into a wooden shelf and get a hold of the Double Barrel shotgun for Alan.

How to complete Room 665 in Alan Wake 2

Insert the codes and walk straight through the lobby area until you reach Room 665 in the Oceanview Hotel. Enter the room and activate the projector to begin a cutscene.

Once the cutscene is over, exit room 665 and take a right towards the alley. An echo of Alex Casey will start to play and the elevator door will open that leads to the Entrance Hall.

Echoes are small in-game cutscenes that provide hints about your character in Alan Wake 2.

The Entrance Hall

As soon as you exit the elevator, another echo will start to play. Listen to the echo and Place the Pre-Show Ritual plot point to the entrance Hall thread in your storyboard.

The storyboard is a place where Alan can travel to find clues regarding his next objective in Alan Wake 2. Another break room can also be found at the end of the lobby area in the Entrance Hall.

As you add the Pre-Show Ritual plot point to the Entrance Hall thread, Alan will be transported into a whole different scene. Investigate the area to find room 111 which has a few supplies waiting for you as well as a break room located right next to the Cult posters.

At the end of the floor, Alan will come across a huge cardboard piece blocking the alley, add the Pre-Show Ritual plot point to the Final scene thread and the Cardboard piece will then change into a box. Investigate the box to find a key to the room 104. Room 104 can be found at the opposite end of the floor.

Enter room 104 and head into the bathroom. Due to the mechanics of Dream Logic, exiting the bathroom door will lead to room 225 where there’s a Break Room present

While exiting the Break Room, Alan can roam around the second floor to find a bunch of supplies located in rooms but be vigilant as a lot of Taken and Shadows are lurking in those rooms.

In room 224 Alan can find a Word of power hidden in the bathroom. Shoot the cardboard piece blocking the bathroom door to gain entrance.

Many players can also find the Room 209 key hidden in room 216 at the end of the lobby on the second floor. Room 216 is connected to room 206 which is locked.

Head into room 216 and discover room 209 key on the side drawer. After acquiring the key return to Room 209 and unlock the door.

Inside the room, players can find a load of supplies and a map that shows all of the Words of Power stashed inside the Oceanview Hotel. Once you’ve investigated the room return back to the second-floor entrance.

The Rehearsal Room

After your exploration, head to room 219 and use your angel lamp again to get transported into Room 202. Place the Pre-Show ritual plot point in the newly added Rehearsal Room thread to trigger an echo.

After listening to the echo travel to the end of the second floor to enter the Ballroom and continue the story of Room 665 in Alan Wake 2.

The Ballroom

As you enter the Ballroom, you’ll discover another Break Room with the keys to room 101 placed beside the thermos. Alan can also find another Word of Power that increases his carrying capacity in Alan Wake 2. The Words of Power is located above the bar shelf in the Ballroom.

Enter your storyboard once again and place the Pre-Show Ritual plot point on the Ballroom thread to get transported to the entrance of the pre-show ballroom scene with a whiteboard. Investigate the whiteboard and return back to room 202.

Use the lamp to access the Rehearsal Room for another plot in Alan Wake 2.

Use your Angel lamp and transform the room into the Rehearsal Room. Place the Pre-Show Ritual on the Rehearsal Room thread to activate a new Echo. Listen to Alex Casey’s echo and change the Rehearsal Room thread from the Pre-Show Ritual plot point to Haunted.

Exit Room 202 and return to the ballroom. Add the Haunted plot point to the Ballroom thread in your storyboard and approach the typewriter placed on the main stage.

A new echo will begin and you’ll be tasked to add the Devil plot point to the Ballroom Thread and return to the first floor.

Before you head to your next objective, use the 101 key you acquired in the Ballroom to unlock room 101 and find a bunch of supplies and a video of Alex Casey.

The sixth floor

Head back to the Entrance Hall on the first floor and place the Devil plot point on the Entrance Hall thread. A set of stairs will spawn right in front of you as well as a few shadows.

Defeat the shadows and walk up the stairs to the sixth floor. While on the third floor, an echo will start to play. Listen to the echo and make your way to room 666 which can be found quite easily on the sixth floor, just keep on following the blood trail leading to the room.

Escape the Dark presence

The Dark will not be pleased to see you inside the Oceanview Hotel.

As soon as you enter Room 666, a cutscene will play and the Dark Presence will attack you. Run out of the room and turn right. Keep on running straight until the Dark Place runs right in front of you. Return back to the area you just ran from and turn towards the main lobby of the sixth floor.

A break Room will be present in front of you, enter the Break room and save your game for safety measures. Exit the Break Room and walk through the double doors to return to the Entrance Hall.

Add the Climax plot point to the Final Scene Thread and Alan will be transported inside a lobby facing room 108.

Room 108

Head into room 108 and walk through the door on your left to reach the bedroom. Investigate the signs on the bathroom door and open it to find the dead body and complete the murder mystery of the Oceanview Hotel. Interact with the bathtub to conclude Room 665 in Alan Wake 2.

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