Composer Akira Yamaoka May Have Just Teased Silent Hill Reboot

The long-rumored (and much-wished) reboot of the original Silent Hill might possibly be on the verge of getting officially announced in the coming months.

Speaking with Al Hub in a recent interview, Japanese composer Akira Yamaoka teased that his “next project will be revealed sometime around summer” and that the project will be what “fans have been hoping to hear about.”

Yamaoka composed the soundtracks of the first three mainline installments in the Silent Hill franchise as well as various other latter entries. Him teasing a project which has been on a lot of wishlists lately may as well be the reboot in question.

The summer window is also when the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) takes place. While E3 2020 had to be cancelled last year due to the threat of COVID-19, E3 2021 is being planned (for now) to be held from June 15 to June 17 in the coming months, presumably as a digital event. That makes for a prime and valuable opportunity to finally make the Silent Hill reboot official.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Konami have been the subject of more than a dozen rumors in 2020 alone that claimed a Silent Hill reboot to be in the pipelines for PlayStation 5. The rumors ranged from Sony purchasing rights to the franchise to Sony having Hideo Kojima lead the project. The rumor mill has since then settled for Sony simply working with Konami on the reboot.

Yamaoka recently got done with The Medium, a psychological horror game where players have to travel between the spirit and real worlds to solve a tragic mystery. Its eerie atmosphere spells Silent Hill on many levels, making Yamaoka the right composer for the job.

If the Silent Hill reboot is indeed getting announced in summer 2021, fans will be happy to know that the game will see Yamaoka return.

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