Will There Be A Silent Hill on PS5?

Rumors are starting to go around that we'll be seeing Silent Hill on PS5 in a soft reboot, but is it actually true, or jumping to conclusions?

A recent rumor has begun to circulate that we’ll be possibly seeing a new reboot or other form of Silent Hill on PS5, though obviously nothing has actually been confirmed yet by either Sony or Konami. So, how accurate are these rumors and how much can we trust them?

The rumors are the product of a supposed insider named Dusk Golem, who said on ResetEra that as far back as 2018 Konami was shopping around a possible Silent Hill reboot in at least two different incarnations, and was also apparently mulling over an Until Dawn-style episodic Silent Hill game.

Like all rumors, you should probably take these sorts of things with a grain of salt, especially considering that nothing has been done with Silent Hill ever since Hideo Kojima and Konami’s infamous falling out several years ago.

Originally, Kojima had announced in 2014 that he was in charge of a new Silent Hill game, in cooperation with Guillermo Del Toro and possibly Junji Ito. However, that game fell through and Konami has apparently abandoned all plans for it, and likely for any games of Silent Hill on PS5.

Since then, aside from Pachinko machines, we’ve heard nothing from Silent Hill, though Sony had apparently expressed interest in picking up both it and Metal Gear in order to try and keep those franchises going in the past.

Considering the most recent Silent Hill game was the badly-reviewed Silent Hill Downpour from 2012, and it’s now 2020, you might think that eight years is long enough that something should be getting done with the franchise by now.

According to Dust Golem, some kind of Silent Hill game should be getting announced this year, but we’ve heard nothing from Konami about it, and Konami has even said that rumors about Silent Hill on PS5 aren’t true. This could just as easily be an attempt to deflect attention, but again, who knows.

Either way, Dusk Golem claims that the new Silent Hill game is supposed to be announced sometime this month, so we can likely write the leaks off as fake if nothing comes at that time, unless Konami has something else in mind.

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