E3 2020 Cancellation Rumors Spread Like Wildfire

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2020) has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak and an official announcement will be made soon.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, a number of well-known journalists, consultants, and even developers began putting the word out that E3 2020 will not be taking place. Based on the noise levels, the cancellation seems all but confirmed at the time of writing. Some have also claimed to be in direct contact with the organizer and Entertainment Software Association (ESA) should be making the unfortunate announcement either today or in the next couple of days.

It was just last week when ESA assured that E3 2020 would take place as scheduled. The coronavirus outbreak has already forced a number of publishers to pull out of conventions in the past month but ESA noted that E3 2020 continues to be “on track for an exciting show” without any delays. ESA also stated at the time that the situation is being closely watched and priority will always be given to the safety of all attendees.

E3 2020 was scheduled to take place from June 9 – 11 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California. Since yesterday, coronavirus cases have spread further across California. Due to new reported deaths, colleges and events have been closed down and urgent warnings are being sent out to the public at the time of writing. The whole situation has taken a drastic turn and in light of safety, ESA appears to have no choice but to cancel the show.

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