Age of Empires 4 Delhi Sultanate Elephant Rush Build Order

In this guide, we'll be showing you the Age of Empires 4 Delhi Sultanate Elephant Rush Build Order to progress through the ages quickly

The Delhi Sultanate is one of the eight Civilizations in Age of Empires 4. In this guide, we’ll be showing you the Age of Empires 4 Delhi Sultanate Elephant Rush Build Order to unlock the unique units known as the War Elephant and Towering Wall Elephant.

Age of Empires 4 Delhi Sultanate Elephant Rush

Ranked at number five in the Civilization slot and on the C-tier in our Civilization Tier List, the Delhi Sultanate Civilization possesses a 3-star difficulty in AoE4.

Below we’ve given a detailed guide for the Age of Empires 4 Delhi Sultanate Elephant Rush Build Order to help you pass through all Delhi Sultanate Ages and get access to two of the unique units, War Elephant and Towering Wall Elephant respectively unlocked during the Castle Age.

Delhi Sultanate Civilization

The Delhi Sultanate is far superior when it comes to being Technologically advanced compared to other Civilizations in AoE4. This Civilization focuses strongly on its defense and research.

Research is the key factor that helps the Delhi Sultanate stand out in AoE4. Their Scholar Research System gives them an advantage over other Civilizations in terms of research and technology.

The best part about this Civilization is that the researches taking place are free of cost. However, the process is a bit slow which is why they use Scholars to rapidly complete the process in a shorter period of time.

As you progress through the Ages, you’ll be experiencing different cultures in history under the rule of different Dynasties ranging from Mamluk and Khalji to Sayyid and Lodi Dynasty with a bit of Turkish and Iranian Sultanate added to the mix.

As an Islamic Civilization, there are few boundaries that separate the Delhi Sultanate from the rest of the Civilizations in Age of Empires 4.

In order to progress to the next Age, you must collect a particular number of resources that trigger a selection prompt which gives you an opportunity to build your landmarks and progress through the Ages.

Keeping that in mind, while hunting food as a required resource, skip hunting down Boar as it’s forbidden in the Islamic Civilization of the Delhi Sultanate. Instead, you can hunt Sheep and Deer as your main source of food.

AoE 4 Delhi Sultanate Build Order

This part of the guide sums up the build order of the Delhi Sultanate in accordance with each Age, helping you reach the final Age and earn your unique units.

Dark Age

Initially, you’ll start at the Dark Age. The Dark Age in the Age of Empires 4 is by far the easiest to progress through.

During the Dark Age, you’ll have access to the Mosque as it provides you with Scholars. As mentioned before, Scholars play an important role in speeding up the research process.

Using the Mosque as your first landmark can do wonders because you’ll be needing your technological innovations later on as your progress through the Ages.

With that said, once you’ve built your first landmark, it’s time to focus on unlocking the Second Age and for that, you must collect resources such as Wood, Food, and Gold.

Gold can be extracted from the Gold Mine, for Food, you can hunt Sheep and Deers as for Wood, you can simply chop down trees as they are a rich source of wood.

Upon achieving the total number of resources of the Dark Age, you’ll trigger a selection prompt. You’ll have to select either Tower of Victory or Dome of the Faith.

Our suggestion is to go with the Religious Landmark “The Dome of Faith” as it upgrades the quality of your research as you enter the Second Age, Feudal Age.

Feudal Age

The Feudal Age of the Delhi Sultanate is relatively more peaceful than other Civilizations. You won’t see many encounters with the opposition.

In fact, you hardly have to face any danger during the Delhi Sultanate Feudal Age which is a rare scene to witness as this Age is known for being aggressive especially during the Rus Civilization, hence the reason why it’s called Feudal.

Not having any enemies to deal with gives you a chance to quickly gather up all the resources required to build your next landmark and progress into the next Age as well as expand your territory.

Your main goal during this Age is to expand as much as you can as a Civilization.

Once you get the prompt, you’ll select either Compound of the Defense or House of Learning.

The recommended landmark to select is the Technology Landmark “House of Learning” as it provides you with multiple religious as well as economic upgrades.

Castle Age

Probably the shortest Age to pass is the Castle Age. During this age, you’ll unlock the legendary unique Elephant units in the Delhi Sultanate, War Elephant, and Towering Wall Elephant.

Firstly, start with upgrading your Blacksmiths. Once done, you’ll be focusing on building farms, mines, additional Mosques to produce Scholars.

Continue increasing the population of your Civilization while keeping an eye on the resource collection as well, and lastly, producing multiple Elephants.

Required Landmark Resources

Below we’ve given a table with the number of required resources to build a landmark till the Castle Age:

  Age                                     Landmark    Food     Gold
    2                   Tower of Victory/Dome of the Faith    400     200
    3         Compound of the Defense/House of Learning   1200     600

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